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    Default Takasago? Which Fragrances Do They Make?

    Hi, All:

    Does anyone know which fragrances Takasago makes or created? I couldn't find this information on their website or anywhere else that I looked. Even if you only know of one or two, if you could post them here, I'd be quite grateful.

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    Default Re: Takasago? Which Fragrances Do They Make?

    Françoise Caron is (was?) a perfumer with Takasago and created Zen for Men for Shiseido, Flamboyant for Oriflame and Rose Glacée for Armand Basi.

    Edit, a few more:
    Gentlemen Only by Givenchy
    Live Luxe by Jennifer Lopez
    Eau de Fleur de Camélia by Kenzo
    Cool Water Wave by Davidoff
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