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    Default Date of manufacture?

    I'm looking for the date of manufacture of Givenchy and don't know whether I'm supposed to use the UPC or the MPN. The MPN(122502) gives a date of January 2011, and the UPC(885892025788) gives a date of January 2008.
    Which one am I supposed to use?

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    Default Re: Date of manufacture?

    I'd hazard a wild guess and go with the earlier date as the date of manufacture.
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    Default Re: Date of manufacture?

    the actual numbers on the bottle of the frag

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    Default Re: Date of manufacture?

    There's usually a code with number or letters beneath or behind box, but take note these are semi indented on bx or beneath or back of bottle...
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    Default Re: Date of manufacture?

    Thanks. I've asked for the code that's stamped, and not printed, on the box.

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    Default Re: Date of manufacture?

    If you are using this site use the numbers under the bottle. On my bottle of Organza Indecence there were 4 numbers in white on the bottom, 0001, it says my bottle was manufactured January 2010.
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    Default Re: Date of manufacture?

    Is that same number printed or stamped anywhere on the box? I don't think they're going to open it to get the code.
    There's also this site.

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    Default Re: Date of manufacture?

    I didn't think they were on the box, but I just realized they are. On the bottom flap there are some imprinted numbers, they are on the right, 0001. I checked my bottle with your site and it said January 2010 just like the other site.
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