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    Default Moving Again! Body Kouros, Kenzo Air, Montale and More!

    Last year, I bolted off to Jamaica. Before doing so, traded off a slew of scents, sold quite a few - donated quite a few to the local Salvation Army that assists people to get jobs.

    In the recent months, I've been back in the US on a contract. Luckily, it's now over (I love work, but love being with the wife even more) and I've collected some scents that will probably go into storage or might be donated like so many before.

    Bottles up for swap:
    • I Profumi di Firenze Manto di Rugiada - 1.6oz/50ml ~95% Full, Cap (just received this on a trade, awesome scent, but just not for me)
    • Guerlain Habit Rouge Sport - 3.4oz/100ml ~95% Full, Cap, Box
    • Montale Mango Manga - 1.7oz/50ml ~90% Full, Montale Branded Clip, Montale Pouch w/ circle rhinestone design
    • Montale Fougeres Marine - 1.7oz/50ml ~70% Full, Montale Branded Clip
    • Serge Lutens Santal Majuscule - 1.6oz/50ml ~95% Full, Cap, Box
    • L'Occitane Cade - 3.4oz/100ml ~95% Full, Cap, Box
    • L'Occitane Eau des Baux - 3.4oz/100ml ~93% Full, Cap, Box
    • YSL L'Homme Sport - 1.3oz/40ml ~95% Full, Cap, Box
    • Bulgari Pour Homme Soir - 1.7oz/50ml ~95% Full, Cap, Box
    • Ungaro Pour L'Homme III - 3.4oz/100ml ~97% Full, Cap, Box
    • L'Eau D'Issey Pour Homme (Summer 2013) - 4.2oz/125ml ~95% Full, Cap, Box
    • Kenzo Homme Fresh - 1.7oz/50ml ~95% Full, Built-in Cap/Sprayer, Box
    • Kenzo Power Cologne - 2.0oz/60ml ~95% Full, Cap, Box
    • Kenzo Air - 3.0oz/90ml ~90% Full (ok, this one is in an odd bottle. It shipped below the bottom of the sprayer when purchased new, it's now below the sprayer in a percentage that would put it about 90% estimate from new), Built-in Cap/Sprayer
    • Jean Paul Gaultier Kokorico - 3.3oz/100ml ~95% Full, Tin w/ Paper Cover
    • YSL Body Kouros - 3.3oz/100ml ~95% Full, Cap, Box

    For a trade, I'm just looking for something modern. Doesn't even have to be clean - just not a fan of powdery scents. The true goal for me is to lessen my bottle count. Multiple bottle (your) swaps for one of my bottles sorta defeat the purpose.

    Pictures are available per DM request and if you have zero (0) or lower feedback than I, please understand that you might have to send first. Swaps that use USPS and offer tracking numbers is indeed a welcome thing.

    More swaps will to be listed in a bit perhaps. And if you want pictures, DM me please
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    Default Re: Moving Again! Last Week Before I Leave! Body Kouros, Kenzo Air, Bond, Montale and More!

    Quick Bump - I'm back in the States for a while again. Will be adding some more scents to my swap and sell (separate threads) list shortly!

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    Default Re: Moving Again! Body Kouros, Kenzo Air, Montale and More!

    pm sent

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