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    How good is the latest formulation of Opium eau de Parfum? I've only sampled the eau de toilette version in the tall bottle. Thanks!

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    I can't help you much because I also tried the EDT tester because the EDP was not available. Like you, I was unimpressed. It was weak. It still had the character, but it lacked the depth and richness I remember. I hope somebody else has tried stronger concentrations because I want to hear the answer to your question. Either that, or will someone recommend a replacement for this old beauty?

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    i think if you have the option of the EDP you should take it.
    I don't know anything about reformulations I'm afraid.

    * Sorry just realised you are probably not referring to Opium Pour Homme...

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    Please refer to the posts in the archives for the Opium homme edp. I've bought several of the bottles in Europe, US, and Canada and the product has not changed. It is a true un-sung hero.

    Below is the link to the directory and 35 reviews of Opium homme eau de parfum.
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    Sorry, freewheelingvagabond - I have no idea about the current women's Opium EdP, although it appears to be available in the U.K. - maybe one of the other members here has tried it?

    Failing that, the advice to go with the EdP is good - maybe you can test it in a store locally to find out what you think & let us know?

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