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    Bonjour à tous . Suis dans la bonne rubrique ? ;je recherche le nom d'un parfum qui serait le plus approchant de EAU CENDREE : DE JACOMO . je vous remerci tous de votre aimable attention .

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    Similar to Jacomo Eau Cendree perhaps would be Slider by Paris Bleu, but Eau Cendree can still be gotten from time to time on Ebay at a decent price.
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    Hi Bondawou - thank you for joining us! Can I ask that you post in English as we are an English-language forum? Merci!

    Translation for non-French speakers:

    Hello everyone. Am I In the right section? I am looking for a fragrance that is most like Eau Cendrée: de JACOMO. I Thank You all for your kind attention

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    Salut bondawou, desolee je ne peux vous aider, bon courage, cherche encore.

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    un grand merci pour votre réponse .

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    thank for your answer ; however it is not easy for me to write in english . I hope you understand my answer !!!. again thank you .

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    I have a bottle and although I like it, I feel few people today would "undertand" it. It's definitely a cold weather scent.

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