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    Default Help me find this cologne!

    Hey there everyone, this is my first post here and I just wanted to figure out what cologne I've got. It ran out and I'd like to replace it. I put in a photo below but I'll describe the details: The bottle is sort of small and says HOM in big letters (with a red dot inside the "O") and "cologne pour homme" along the side of it. The cap is gloss brown and the cologne itself is a very cool cedar-like smell. It's probably just some drugstore cologne but it used to be my grandpa's so I guess that's why it means something to me. If you know what it is or if you know where I can find it let me know, thanks.

    HOM Cologne.jpg

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    Default Re: Help me find this cologne!

    Hi & welcome, Luciano G - hopefully, someone here will recognise this.

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    Default Re: Help me find this cologne!

    Perhaps if you could post a REAL photo instead of that POS cellphone photo.

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    I did some research and all I found was a website for French underwear for men. They had the same logo but no links or info on fragrances.
    Website address below. Maybe you could email them the picture.

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