Recently, through various sellers I obtained 3 bottles of Yohji Homme. One I believe is the relaunch (by Delphine, made in UK), another is from P&G (also made in UK) and another one is by Patou (made in France). Now that I have the three, I noticed quite a difference between them. The bottle with P&G especially in the dry down smells nowhere like the Patou one, though they both have the much discussed licorice/anisic note, mostly in the top. Is anyone familiar with this difference between the two editions, or not?

Also: on the Patou box, it says it is from 1998. Whereas everywhere online, I read the year the perfume was launched is 1999. Again, anyone knows what this is about?

Should I come to the conclusion that I've bought at least one "fake" or "off" bottle (though Im pretty sure the relaunch edition is the real thing, since its available in the UK still and, it smells good), I would like to know so I can see if I can settle this with the seller. Your comments are appreciated! It would help if you describe what edition you have, whether it says a year or not, etc.