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    Default Best way to clean out perished rubber stopper?

    Hi all,

    I'm after some advice, please.

    I've got three small full vintage bottles with rubber (or some other gum) stoppers. The stopper has become soft and sticky and degraded so it can't be removed just by pulling.
    I don't want to accidentally push the rubber into the juice. Can anybody suggest a way to remove it from the neck of the bottles without ruining the perfumes?


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    Default Re: Best way to clean out perished rubber stopper?

    What perfumes are they, and how big are the stoppers? I might try using needles to pry them out. If you pierce the stopper at an angle through the top and down into the stopper, could you maybe pry it out? Using several needles might work best.

    Another thing I might try is to pierce the stopper with a hypodermic needle and extract the perfume into the syringe.
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    Default Re: Best way to clean out perished rubber stopper?

    Hi rubegon,

    two of Ashes of Roses, and Phul Nana.

    They are all miniatures - 5ml or so. The necks are tiny.

    The Phul Nana's stopper is broken off inside. I know that one is especially badly perished, because the inside of the lid is covered in it's oily black residue. So for that, I think your suggestion of a hypodermic would work. That's brilliant - thanks!

    I will try your other suggestion of levering off with a needle or needles on the Ashes of Roses. One of which actually has some stopper left outside, and their stoppers anyway seem less perished than the Phul Nana.

    Thanks again!



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