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    Default Creed Millesime 1849 similar to Guerlain Samsara

    I have Creed Millesime 1849 from a past split. Recently, I purchased Guerlain Samsara EDP for my wife. I couldn't help but notice how similar the two fragrances are. The only difference is that 1849 is a bit spicy, especially in the top notes, which makes it lean more toward being masculine. Other than that, I didn't notice much of a difference. The price difference is huge though, 75ml of 1849 retails for around $350. 100ml of Samsara EDP goes for $70.

    I remember someone else on these boards noticing the similarity. For those that have smelt both fragrances, what are your thoughts?

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    Default Re: Creed Millesime 1849 similar to Guerlain Samsara

    ....anxiously awaiting answers!!!
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    Default Re: Creed Millesime 1849 similar to Guerlain Samsara

    Floral + woods - powder = Creed Millesime 1849

    The lack of powder in Creed Millesime 1849 (I just got a 30ml decant) really makes it way different than Samsara in my humble opinion. That and ylang-ylang in each are remarkably different. But both start off with citrus, ylang-ylang with vanilla (I swear I smell it first in the Creed) but it's just a different composition and doesn't seem to resemble each other, but you could say Samsara inspired 1849.

    I came away confused by the Creed. Samsara comes off as classy, inviting... you want to sniff it up close. A good "come hither" scent. Whereas the Creed comes off as something way different. I'm not complaining, but it really is testing my nose in what I'd call feminine and masculine - and I actually regularly wear Royal Ceylan!

    That's my take. I'm sure more educated noses will/can chime in with more information than I could. I see the notes as being inspired by Samsara, but the composition is (after the initial florals) way different.
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