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    Default Buying pholosophy

    So my question to you is... Is it smarter to back up the scents in your collection that you already like (and lets say that are discontinued or rare/reformulated) or is it a better idea to branch out and buy new scents?
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    Default Re: Buying pholosophy

    I think it would depend on the individual and the circumstances. In my case the first option would be impossible. For me to branch out and buy new scents is the most practical and better. I do however have backups of one scent in my collection from a long time ago that I enjoy. Others will of course find the other option more practical, better and making more sense.
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    Default Re: Buying pholosophy

    I only backup the ones I've proposed marriage
    I only have backups for two in my repertoire and probably soon will get a backup for Royal oud: it's basically a mental security/Assurance that your favorite juice is in no way disappearing from your wardrobe "mental thing"'s a personal choice but it is smart to rotate them..that is the ones you already have, as this will guarantee you won't run out and become complacent and desensitize to the romance to your current favorite masterPieces....
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    Default Re: Buying pholosophy

    I've only gotten backups when I come across a really good deal for something that I'm sure I'll exhaust from my collection.
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    Default Re: Buying pholosophy

    in the past I have bought backups of my favorites regardless of them being discontinued or not

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    Default Re: Buying pholosophy

    I generally don't buy backups unless/until I've heard legitimate reports of discontinuation or reformulation, and even then only as to those that I really don't want to be without.

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    Default Re: Buying pholosophy

    Quote Originally Posted by magnus611 View Post
    I only backup the ones I've proposed marriage
    That really made me laugh! Wonderful response!
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    Default Re: Buying pholosophy

    I mostly keep branching out. I do, however, have about a dozen backups of things I love or have been discontinued - or rumored to be soon.

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    Default Re: Buying pholosophy

    My philosophy's similar to dougczar's. If there's something I really like and I know it's getting phased out or has been discontinued, I'll pick up a couple backup bottles. If the time comes and I decide I have too many or I end up getting bored with the fragrance, I know I can always sell them down the road for more than I bought them to begin with (because by that point they'll be long discontinued). So I think it's a good idea to buy backups of stuff you love that's coming to an end.

    But I don't spend much thought on it. Mostly I enjoy looking for new things and branching out. Sometimes I'll even sell my backup bottles because there's something new that I've found that I like even more. Over the summer I sold all my backups of Issey Miyake Summer 2009, just so I could pick up a bottle of Sel Marin. After trying Sel Marin, I realized I no longer had any need for the Issey Miyake.

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    Default Re: Buying pholosophy

    I do both in parallel.
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    Default Re: Buying pholosophy

    If you really like a fragrance and are concerned about discontinuance matters, purchase back-ups.
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    Default Re: Buying pholosophy

    I don't buy backups... I use 3 sprays a day so I have enough to last me a while... I can't even imagine using a full bottle, and still love it so much I'd rather get ANOTHER bottle of that than try a new scent.

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    Default Re: Buying pholosophy

    Bit of both would be ideal

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    Default Re: Buying pholosophy

    These days, given the volume of fragrances produced, even when some are discontinued there is often plenty of supply for years to come. There may be some exceptions. But just look at eBay, where you can still pick up examples of fragrances from many decades ago. It all comes down to price. And unless you've got a very narrow fragrance collection, a couple of bottles is all you need of a given fragrance for it to last you many years down the road.

    Is this the golden age of fragrances? Or has it already peaked? Well, the absence of certain precious ingredients that are now unobtainium may encourage some people to think the best is behind us. I don't believe so. There are many technological innovations that are making many fragrances available today that might not have been possible or affordable some 30 years ago. I am convinced that the science of chemistry will eventually achieve the ability to synthesize pretty much any note or combination thereof, on demand. It may very well be possible to revive notes that are now defunct, and perhaps even improve upon them. It'll all come down to what the science provides and the artistry of the perfumers.


    So buy what you want, when you want it. And yes, if you do have a favorite that has been discontinued, naturally stock up on it in case it's a very long time before someone properly revives it.
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    Default Re: Buying pholosophy

    I like to have backups of those I really love, since reformulations and discontinuations are so rampant nowadays. Currently I feel like I have enough of everything I really love and am only buying new scents though.

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    Default Re: Buying pholosophy

    I think it's very prudent to buy backups bottles if it's in your frequent cycle. Generally but not always if a fragrance does reappear after a absence it seems to be a reformulated version not up to original expectations of the original release.
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    Default Re: Buying pholosophy

    I only have backups of some that were discontinued, I also would backups of some bottles if there was to be a reformulation. Otherwise I try to broaden my knowledge and buy new scents.

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