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    Default Ex Idolo Thirty Three - Amateur Mini Review

    So, the fragrance arrived today. Bottle is pretty small. Plastic cap.

    As far as smell, I don't have many fragrances that clicked with me as to what this reminded me of. There was maybe only 2 fragrances that I own that I thought of when it comes to resemblance.

    Pre-spray, I thought of Bond No. 9 Andy Warhol Success is a Job in New York (because of tuberose and/or rose?).

    Post-spray (by the way, maybe try NOT to get this on a white shirt ) I thought of Black Aoud; may smell very/quite similar to my nose.

    Fragrance doesn't smell dirty, but has that.. oud(?) kind of 'twinge', like an olfactory tangy smell (Perhaps I could explain that better.. hah).

    I haven't had it on long, un-sure about longevity and projection - though I may have smelled it from my forearm with the arm away from my face.
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    Default Re: Ex Idolo Thirty Three - Amateur Mini Review

    I met the owner last week - seemed a pleasant guy.
    Gave this a sniff briefly on a mouillette: the oud and whatnot came across as quite woody with slight spice/leather/ tobacco facets; the rose is nice, but personally, I've had my fill of oud+rose.
    This is certainly not a dirty oud by oud standards and many people on the evening seemed to find the fragrance quite femme. The latter really surprised me, but then my RADAR for such things is probably way off.
    Apparently, 33 refers to the number of years the batch of oud was aged before use.

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    Default Re: Ex Idolo Thirty Three - Amateur Mini Review

    Very nice Jouho. Enjoy it!

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