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    Default Re: How do you rate or grade fragrances?

    Smell means everything to me. I can work around price, projection and longevity (which are only bonuses) and I honestly could care less about the fragrance being unique or innovative. As long as I like it and find it special, I'm happy.
    Well enjoying what you're wearing is crucial, it is of the utmost importance to wear something that others like as well.

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    Default Re: How do you rate or grade fragrances?

    I don't use number on fragrances. I always associate this with feelings, emotions, people, places and events in my life. Happy memories associated with perfumes always get the most use.

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    Default Re: How do you rate or grade fragrances?

    Quote Originally Posted by Primrose View Post
    I don't grade scents.

    I like them or I don't. I think they are worth buying or not buying.

    My sentiments exactly .
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    Default Re: How do you rate or grade fragrances?

    Didn't someone ask this same question a week or two ago? Here's my grading system:

    - LOVE IT! Want to buy it!
    - Like it.
    - It's not for me.

    How much I enjoy wearing it is all that matters to me.
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