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    Red face KML Candle by Unionmade and Baxter of California

    This may be out of place since it's a scented candle and not a fragrance to wear, but I've recently purchased the KML candle by Unionmade and Baxter. My immediate response was that it had hints of black pepper, cinnamon, sandalwood, lots of cedar and a smokiness that I can't seem to put a finger on. It definitely has similar qualities to Gucci Pour Homme I, which sadly was discontinued some time ago. It's also unfortunate that the KML candle isn't in wearable fragrance form, because I'll be stocking up on it for sure.

    Has anyone had the pleasure of the KML candle? And if so, thoughts? I wish I can replicate the scent, as I am still an amateur dabbler in perfumery.

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    Default Re: KML Candle by Unionmade and Baxter of California

    Moved this thread to 'Home Fragrance' which is the right place for scented candles

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    Default Re: KML Candle by Unionmade and Baxter of California

    Welcome to Basenotes!

    It sounds really good kumokun; thank you for posting about it. I'd never heard of the line before but I found this description: The scent of 'KML' is inspired by campfires and burning wood. KML is a true burning wood creation that connotes a campfires and crackling fireplaces with hot, smoking embers. The body of the fragrance is a bold blend of Cedar and Sandlewood moderated with Guiacwood Oil. The foundation rests on a soft, sensuous Musk note.

    Housed in a round craft paper box, this soy wax candle carries a refelctive gold "UNIONMADE" logo with a "Battle Ship Grey" wax color. "KML" was co-designed by J.P. Mastey, President BAXTER OF CALIFORNIA and Todd Barket founder of UNIONMADE.
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