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Thread: Benzyl acetate

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    i have trouble with benzyl acetate when creating accords. The smell is pretty strong and unpleasant ( like acetone ) for me and overcharge the remaining components even at 1%. Maybe it needs more weeks of aging or any blender ?

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    If you study these formulas that include Benzyl acetate, you may gain some insight into your problem...

    Paul Kiler
    PK Perfumes
    Gold Medal for "Best Aroma"; Los Angeles Artisan Fragrance Salon

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    They seem to be using around 10% benzyl acetate..
    But it seems a lot of the formulas have helione, lilial and linalol.. maybe
    these help?

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    Also HCA hexyl cinnamic aldehyde is used as blender .

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    What is a blender anyway?

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    Perfumes have structure, like the cast in a play or a movie. (Sorry for the theatrical anology, but I do live close to Hollywood...)

    There are the main characters/Protagonists, the Antagonist(s), the sidekicks, Their Posse the supporting actors, the character actors, and the people with no speaking parts in the background, the "Extras", plus the surprisers in the plot twist.

    Think of a blender as supporting cast, or a nonspeaking background part. A blender is a filler, or a rounder of tone and color. It doesn't stick it's head out and call attention to itself, it blends in with the rest, and is almost an "Extra" on the set.

    Paul Kiler
    PK Perfumes
    Gold Medal for "Best Aroma"; Los Angeles Artisan Fragrance Salon

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    Default Re: Benzyl acetate citation:
    Blender: A material that helps link and harmonize disparate basics and blenders, rounds or smoothes the perfume.

    For example civet is well known to round/harmonise florals, but in my experience it does work well also with other perfume types.
    It does work also with benzyl acetate ( rounds the acetate odour, so it is not so "sharp" ) , but it is not used in these accords. I will try to add to my accords synthetic linalool ( whenever i get it somewhere ).
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    I thought it was something chemical. Awesome analogy, thanks!

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