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    Default Opening a Diptyque Bottle

    Hello all,

    I'm attempting to open one of the newer oval-shaped Diptyque bottles, in order to use a dropper to fill a travel atomiser. Is this a bottle anyone else has experience opening, or is my only option to spray and funnel. I don't have a funnel now and would rather not use one. Many thanks in advance for any advice. :-)

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    Default Re: Opening a Diptyque Bottle

    Shape some aluminum foil into a funnel shape.

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    Default Re: Opening a Diptyque Bottle

    My only option is to use a funnel. I would try what hedonist suggested, but I would recommend buying some small plastic funnels very soon.

    Let us know how it goes.
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    Default Re: Opening a Diptyque Bottle

    Instead of purchasing funnels, invest in some travel atomisers that attach with the sprayer removed and pumps the fragrance from the bottle straight to the atomiser. You will never need to open a bottle ever again. Really cool and can be had online for less than 20 bucks.

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    Default Re: Opening a Diptyque Bottle

    You can get a variety of inexpensive but decent quality atomizers in various sizes. I spent like $6 shipped and got 3x15ml square atomizer bottles. They're easy to fit in a pocket and the glass is very solid (I've dropped a couple onto a hard porcelain sink and no chips/cracks).

    Personally, I would like to reuse a fragrance bottle if I've bought more of it in a larger size (utilizing the smaller spray bottle). But most of them seem to be designed to prevent any useful refilling. Only on some where the opening is larger, you can use a syringe. A funnel would be a waste of time. Spillage is far too easy with a funnel, even when you have a splash bottle with a wide enough opening. Somehow the fragrance liquid always manages to creep out (alcohol properties perhaps?). I tried doing this with sample vials I'd bought (a big lot of 50 of Gucci Pour Homme), pouring the contents into a funnel. Messy. I just went with a blunt end syringe into the vial and that worked like a charm.
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