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    Red face Dear Ladies, which frag do you love on a man?

    Strong, long-lasting, intense sillage even after it's been a long while since the last time it was applied, but very pleasant and sniffable to the nose. Think about those moments when a regular guy that you see everyday leaves behind his 'presence' when he goes away after he talked to you, leaving you with a pleasant scent that wakes you up a little bit more & makes you smile for the next 5 minutes. Think about those times when you feel stressed and a passing invisible cloud of green freshness somehow makes it feel a little bit better but finally dissapears after a minute or so & you're reminded that the world is a cruel place and you start being all grumpy again (not necessarily ). Think about those times you feel like going to the park just because you love 'that' guy's fragrance.

    I'm not talking about sweet, gourmand, or fruity fragrances. But rather green/clean/balsamic/cool-smelling ones that are on par in terms of sillage & longevity (or even stronger) with JPG Fleur du Male & YSL Kouros

    Don't stick to new ones only though, old ones should be given as much love as any other fragrance

    A little story to go along with your choice would be a very nice read.
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    Default Re: Dear Ladies, which frag do you love on a man?

    I was at a perfume counter the other day and smelled Acqua di Parma's Colonia Intensa Oud EdC Concentrče for the first time and lost the ability to form words other than ohmigod. Not kidding.

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    Default Re: Dear Ladies, which frag do you love on a man?

    JUST Maybe this Acqua di Parma's Colonia Intensa Oud EdC Concentrče might be my last buy of the year 2013.....
    "Thank GOD for the nose, for without it we would not be enjoying these beautiful created Scents" also Remember "Balance is everything and the key to appreciating "

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