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    Default Need help choosing fragrance!

    Hi, first i did my research and thought that my perfume should compliment my personality.
    Firstly, i'm 18 and still in college
    I'm a funny spontaneous person with an athletic body, i play sports and I'm not very quiet, but still i am quite shy around women.
    I always do my best to bring out the masculine and gentleman side of me with a pinch of humour because i love to laugh.
    i like to be portrayed as a funny, masculine and romantic male.
    With all that being said, i do like scents that are sweet, here are some examples of scents that i really like/love
    Armani Code, Giorgio Armani
    Allure Homme Sport, Chanel
    Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme, Chanel
    La Nuit L'Homme, YSL
    L'Homme, YSL
    Star Walker, Montblanc

    i do own Ralph lauren Polo blue sport but i find it wayyy too common here in Singapore, where the weather is always hot and humid!!

    I do like fresh spicy, a little woody, citrus/aquatic, maybe a little musk and i like florals as well. actually i like everything that smells pleasant and not too offensive, i do like the famous aventus but i don't like the green irish tweed because i think its too... green?

    What i'm not looking for are scents that are too powdery and wayy too sweet like Paco Rabanne black XS, Thierry Mugler A* men or 1 Million
    Oh also, i do not like scents like fahrenheit, ADG and L'eau d'lessey if they are even in the same category
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    Default Re: Need help choosing fragrance!

    How about Dior Homme or it's flanker DHI...they're gems ...also edition blance on the allure line would do you well...
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    Default Re: Need help choosing fragrance!

    Carbone de Balmain by Balmain perhaps.
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    Default Re: Need help choosing fragrance!

    Cartier Declaration-citrus and woody-some spice but not overpowering

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    Default Re: Need help choosing fragrance!

    Gucci Pour Homme II may be a good one for you.
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    Default Re: Need help choosing fragrance!

    Hmm, i didn't like gucci pour homme 2 for some reason, perfumes on my skin really tend to get to the base notes real quick in about 20mins, i didn't like GPH 2 and Dior homme, perhaps i'd try Cartier Declaration and Carbone de Balmain by Balmain. thanks guys!

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    Default Re: Need help choosing fragrance!

    Bleu de Chanel sounds like it's in line with what you'd like. Additionally, you may want to try Acqua di Gio Essenza.

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    Default Need help choosing fragrance!

    Just spring for Aventus. Or better yet, Creed Millesime Imperial. Or buy into a split and get them both.

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    Default Re: Need help choosing fragrance!

    Your already own Allure Homme Sport, Chanel ?

    If not, I htink this one is a good one to start with.

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    Default Re: Need help choosing fragrance!

    Hi and welcome to Basenotes!

    I think you should try Eau de Mandarine Ambree by Hermes.

    Notes of mandarin, passionfruit and amber. It's citrusy, a little tart, sweet but not cloying. Simple but very well done. Casual, likeable, light and refreshing.

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    Default Re: Need help choosing fragrance!

    Alright, thanks for the replies guys!! i really appreciate it! i will try the mentioned ones!

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    Default Re: Need help choosing fragrance!

    How about MFK Lumiere noire pour homme or APOM homme?

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