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    Default Re: Himalaya for $86. Worth it?

    Quote Originally Posted by TheMothaFragger View Post
    At this moment I'm glad I got such a good deal on it because at this moment I don't smell anything that blows it away from all other designer frags and makes it a "Creed".

    So now you know..

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    Default Re: Himalaya for $86. Worth it?

    You got a good deal and you can always sell on if you don't like, perhaps at a pofit.

    I agree with a previous post stating that full retail price is a joke for a fragrance that is dull, unimaginative and lasts but 30 minutes. Actually the lousy longevity might just be the best thing about it........

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    Default Re: Himalaya for $86. Worth it?

    Great price.

    Not my favourite Creed. It's not a patch on Millesime Imperial or SMW which are in a different league imo. SMW is two scents and works really good in Winter and Summer in different ways.

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