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    Default What do I need to know about laser eye surgery?

    My vision is quite poor. Will it make things better? Do they charge for one eye or both?

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    Default Re: What do I need to know about laser eye surgery?

    You can have both eyes dont but the effects won't last your lifetime, the eye will naturally degrade over the coming years.

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    Default Re: What do I need to know about laser eye surgery?

    It is not always successful, big percentage is but not always.

    Go by personal recommendations from people who had it done and where. The people you see first are usually just sales people.

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    Default Re: What do I need to know about laser eye surgery?

    Theres also side effects, I know someone who had it done and his eyes were bloodshot for about two weeks - not just a little but alot, remember they are cutting into the cornea. Just the thought makes me feel ill, I'll stick to glasses!

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    Default Re: What do I need to know about laser eye surgery?

    There are two types of the surgery. In one, they do cut the cornea in a flap pull it back, do the adjustments and then put it back in place. I was not about that. I actually went for the second option where they put an abrasion on the cornea, do the work and then it heals back. The healing took longer than the flap, but I refuse to be 'cut'. One of the best decisions I ever made. The procedure was over in less than 10 minutes. Other than during the healing period, no side effects.

    They did advise me that when I reach middle age that i may need to redo the process or will still need to get reading glasses, but that happens to everyone apparently. If you are older than 35 you should consider whether or not it's worth it considering you may need glasses regardless.

    But, I'm very happy. Let me know if you need more info.

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    Default Re: What do I need to know about laser eye surgery?

    I had the Lasik as soon as it was available for my level of nearsightedness. My eyes were -6.5, that's pretty bad but I also know a lady who was -11 and got hers corrected.

    What I think is most important to understand is that it may not correct 100%, and will wear off (regress) over time. If your eyes are very bad, in my opinion, it's still very very much worth it. Before I had lasik I could not tell if my children were standing across the room from me, so it was hard to go to the beach or pool or anywhere I couldn't have contacts on. Glasses did not correct me very well, and needed to be Very Thick. After lasik, I had over 10 years of not needing glasses (though not 20/20, quite) and now have very thin glasses as its regressed to -1.5 or so, but even now it is no problem to go to the beach, I can see well enough that I won't lose my kids - I am no longer disabled by my vision, just mildly inconvenienced. I can have the fashionable glasses now since they don't have to support heavy lenses.

    Also you should know that you can smell your eyes burning. They didn't tell me that and it freaked me out. The procedure is completely painess at every point, the healing does not hurt either, it is terrifying though.

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