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    Default I tested Beloved for Men and Puredistance M


    I was really excited before testing Puredistance M and Beloved for Men.

    I cannot compare M with Beloved, because it is like apple and orange.

    Puredistance M is the first scent I start with:

    I really like to smell the opening. This leather and citrus smell drive me crazy.

    It is really well-made.

    It starts with a rich citrus smell on my skin and after 5 min. the citrus scent was gone completely.

    After 5 min. it starts smelling super luxurious (Luxury leather).

    I have never smelled a luxurious fragrance such as M.

    Now, I can see why people remind Aston Martin by talking about M.

    This scent is really refined and well-blended. I donīt know a fragrance, which smells such as M.

    It is not a chaotic mess, but can be interpreted as a fancy gourmand scent, too.

    I cannot understand how people compare M with Bel Ami.

    I couldnīt smell any resemble characteristics of Bel Ami.

    I could wear this at home and just enjoy for myself.

    A girlfriend of mine didnīt like this scent at all. She said that M smelled like curry paste.

    I didnīt get any complements, but it is okay.

    Niche houses such as Puredistance are made for a specific group and not for the mass market.

    Somehow, it is not a full bottle worth for me, but it was a pleasure to test this fragrance.

    2. Amouage Beloved for Men:

    I was surprised by this fragrance.

    It smells good and also long lasting, but if I had had a blind test, then I would never ever have thought that this scent is from Amouage.

    IMO, Amouage is famous for making smoky scents, but Beloved for men is not smoky and even not balsamic.

    I could wear Beloved for men in the spring or summer.

    It is sophiscated and really soft.

    I describe Beloved for men as Baby Amouage, because it is rather an understatement and not loud and mysterious.

    I love this scent, because those smells often come from babies.

    On the one hand, I understand why this fragrance is called Beloved, but on the other hand, I could have called this fragrance "Innocent for men".

    This creation is probably the only creation from Amouage, that doesnīt smell luxurious.

    I could be wrong, because I had M on my left wrist and Beloved on my right wrist.

    Maybe, M was too luxurious.

    Anyway, I get a StH (By Kilian) vibe from Amouage Beloved for Men, because Beloved is really sweet.

    It is fruity, too, but it is also too sweet.. Sweeter than Tobacco Vanille for me.

    Beloved for Men is also a pleasure to test on my skin.

    Nevertheless, it is not a full bottle worth. The price is crazy.

    I would like to ask Amouage why there is no 50ml for Beloved.

    Even if Beloved for men 50ml was 185€, I would not buy this.

    These both fragrances are absolutely interesting tastes and they are really worth testing.

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    Default Re: I tested Beloved for Men and Puredistance M

    Wow, you word for word stated my experience with both scents! My girlfriend too complained of the Indian characteristic of M, which I don't get at all. M for me is about me feeling like a million bucks, regardless whether anyone else compliments me.

    That was fun reading my thoughts, thanks for sharing!

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    Default Re: I tested Beloved for Men and Puredistance M

    I have both m and fetish. Both are great, but I think I lean more towards m. Fetish is a rough one. I'm waiting on a split of beloved.....can't wait to try this one!!

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    Default Re: I tested Beloved for Men and Puredistance M

    I did not like Puredistance M at all

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    Default Re: I tested Beloved for Men and Puredistance M

    Good to hear your thought's on these two. I find Bel Ami to be reminiscent of M but not the same as M is so lush.
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    Default Re: I tested Beloved for Men and Puredistance M

    I understand the curry association with M, there's quite a strong indian spices accord in there (cumin, corriander?) that I find slightly offputting. Not becuase they're B.O.-like, but more because of how strong the smell of the spices are themselves.
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