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    Default New Member - Intro & My Impressions

    Hi Basenotes,

    I've done quite a bit of reading on this site over the past 9-12 months.
    Some fun stories on the compliments threads, crazy discussions over batches and reformulations, and some different opinions from different noses.

    Early 30's, enjoy smelling good. Into Greens, Orientals, Woods, Spicy. I like to find things that hooks my girlfriend, and smells good to me.
    Not into bombing myself with more than 1-2-3 sprays. I have the opinion that how you smell should be intimate. Forcing your smell on others is intrusive. My skin runs very oily and very warm, so I amp fragrances up usually.

    Some thoughts on fragrances i've tried so far, however I dont think I'll be trying too many more.

    Abercrombie Woods - Probably one of my favorite scents, Musky Lavender. Simple. Wearable just about anytime. Got 5.1 oz worth for about $60. New Formula.
    Abercrombie Colden - No thanks, Water & pepper. Girlfriend likes it, I cant stand it.
    Abercrombie Fierce - I liked this in my early to mid 20's and I have the old 2005/6 batch. Pretty good, overplayed now by punk kids that wear too much. Oddly enough I smelled it on a 50 year old neighbor. I give up.
    Abercrombie Cologne 41 - Oddly enough, this may be one of the best scents out of Abercrombie's collection. Clean, smooth, citrus throughout, safe for work. Hell, safe for an allergy clinic.
    Polo Green - Spice bomb! Picked up 4 oz bottle of old formula on eBay, no ash, just fresh cut tobacco and a mass of spice. Wearable when temps are below 20 here. STRONG. I hope for 1/2 sprays from the bottle.
    Polo Modern Reserve - Might be one of the most underrated fragrances. More wearable than the original green. Smoother for sure.
    Gucci Pour Homme I - Might be the best by Tom Ford. Girlfriend doesnt like it, calls it sweet, but not to my nose, I think its a classic, cedar and smokey incense. Great in the winter. Likely top choice around now, the holidays.
    Polo Crest - Pretty smooth, close to Modern Reserve. Not the same, more spring like. OK, not worth the money fetched on eBay IMO.
    Terre d'Hermes Parfum - One of my favorites. My first impression invoked slight nausea, very strong, but I find most of my first sprays from bottles to be stronger than subsequent sprays. Dig the flinty, dirty, over ripe orange vibe. Wears forever, beastly projection.
    125 Years Your Companion for Life - I think its a more masculine Guerlain L'Instant Pour Homme Extreme. Big statement, yes, but I blind bought it for $20, and my girlfriend couldnt tell the difference without trying to find it. Only slightly sweet from the hay note and a mellow cacao note. Solid for everyday wear in the fall, Dig it for the price.
    Clinique Happy - Really liked this fresh summer like scent when I was in my early 20's. Very fresh, clean, green. GF doesnt like it. *shrugs*
    Trussardi L'Uomo - Different! Earthy, very tuscan garden. Like someone cut a tomato vine while baking in the sun while dinner is made with a wood fire. Blind bought a 3.3 oz bottle on eBay, impressed, but I have to try it with warmer sunny weather to full enjoy it.
    Trussardi Inside - Quite possibly the most disgusting thing I've ever smelled. Its this old man vibe with Tobacco, Leather over a bed of moth balls. Synthetic, faulted, fumey. Gross
    Creed Green Irish Tweed - I resisted the hype on this one for quite some time. Trying to avoid Creed fragrances like the plague until I decided to get a tester with a pot shot pick 3 at theperfumedcourt. Girlfriend hooked into it and couldnt stop smelling it. I ordered 4 oz tester from and had a bad first impression yesterday, but sprayed the juice from the bottle up, and its rich, real rich. I believe the hype, knowing I cant expect crazy longevity like the other EDP I own TdHPP.
    Guerlain Heritage - Old woman, powdery, lasts a long time. Not my thing. Smells like a funeral home filled with 90 year old widows.
    Guerlain Derby - Old man with a toupee, fell into a polo match and was trampled by horses. Off putting smell. I dont dig the Guerlain house so far.
    Guerlain LIDGE - Powdery, slightly orange, linear. As coachrob619 on youtube described it, it smells like powdered chocolate mix with an orange. On the fence, I just cant image smelling like this. Not my dig really, I've got a 4ML decant to spray from time to time, good enough for rare indulgence.
    YSL La Nuit de L'Homme - Spicy, dark, not my bag. Smells like something late teens, early 20's in the club, begging to be noticed. LIkley worn by someone too afraid to be social.
    Michael Jordan Legend - Linear, spices, not too sweet. I dont get the sporting goods store leather people talk about. I could find myself wearing this in the fall and winter regularly. Doesnt seem to strong. Cant go wrong for $15 IMO. I wont get into what this is compared to because I've never smelled Bond9 NH or Rochas Man. Just solid for any man in cool weather.
    Creed Aventus - Havent worn it outside the house yet, ho hum. GF thought it is average. A pineapple smoldering on a spent bonfire. Dirty dry down.

    A couple I have samples of, yet to try - Chanel Egoiste Platinum, Chanel Allure Pour Homme, Chanel Allure Pour Homme Edition Blanche, TF Tobacco Vanille, Kiton Red Men.

    Comments welcome, recommendations welcome.
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    Default Re: New Member - Intro & My Impressions

    hi, welcome. youre opinions seem to match mine. tdh is one of the best on your list and love git

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    Default Re: New Member - Intro & My Impressions

    Hi! Welcome to BN!

    I'm a big fan of TdH, too - great scent. That helps me get where you're coming from.

    Not sure if you're tried Polo Red or Polo Double Black, but you seem to like Ralph Lauren the same way I do. Red needs some extra sprays to stand out - it's weak, but it smells good with a strong application, which not all scents do.

    Also check out Dirty English if you can find it. That will tickle several of your fancies, I predict. Nice price, too - often in Marshall's and T.J. Maxx.

    Guerlain is an acquired taste. Give it time and go back later. Guerlain Homme and Homme intense are probably more like what you'd enjoy right now - they're high on my list.

    Oh, yeah. Dior Fahrenheit and Dior Homme. Give them a shot. Fahrenheit may take a couple of tries to click.

    But you've done a lot of good sampling. Nice job!
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    Default Re: New Member - Intro & My Impressions

    Trussardi Inside is one I liked..
    Modern Reserve is now discontinued-much better than Polo..
    You should love the Kiton-very green and sophisticated

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    Default Re: New Member - Intro & My Impressions

    Long time since I seen Polo Crest mentioned

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    Default Re: New Member - Intro & My Impressions

    You should try L'air du desert Marocain by Andy Tauer ....will blow you away...A artistic juice that will make your skin chemistry it's canvas .....Master piece
    "Thank GOD for the nose, for without it we would not be enjoying these beautiful created Scents" also Remember "Balance is everything and the key to appreciating "

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    Default Re: New Member - Intro & My Impressions

    Quote Originally Posted by magnus611 View Post
    You should try L'air du desert Marocain by Andy Tauer ....will blow you away...A artistic juice that will make your skin chemistry it's canvas .....Master piece
    This one is special.
    Ambre Sultan is of a similar vain but quite potent with the spices too. Very good but I'm not sure where you can wear it!
    On the subject of Serge Lutens, Chergui is an essential one imo. 10/10.

    I'm fairly new to fragrances as well. Creed is pricey but the first time I smelled Millesime Imperial it blew me away. It's still my all time favourite. The watermelon note and saltiness is unique. Summer, Winter, formal or casual, MI is one of the most versatiles scents available. It's magic in a bottle and I'm happy with the 6 hours i typically get.
    I agree about Aventus. I have it on right now and don't think much of it.

    Recently I've been on the hunt for more designer fragrances as niche are just too pricey. La Nuit was very good, Prada Amber pour homme was excellent too. Mugler Pure Havane and Pure Malt are exceptionally good and similar. The tobacco and vanilla in Havane makes it a great everyday casual scent (I don't think it would quite work at work), compared to the kinda heavy Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille-- this one is amazing even though it's linear, and I see it's on your to-smell list. What's wrong with a linear fragrance anyway?! I started out hating sweet fragrances but they've grown on me.

    I'd be interested to see what you think of the Chanels you've listed. I've found them underwhelming. Allure pour homme edition blanche smelt like lemon oven cleaner to me, and Allure pour homme just smelt very generic. They get a lot of love on here. Contrary to your opinion, I liked La Nuit. The apple note and vanilla make it stand out from the generic sweet fragrances. I've worn it to work many times (my bottle has finished).
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    Default Re: New Member - Intro & My Impressions

    Firstly, welcome to BN.

    Secondly, glad to see I am not the only one who owns 125 Years Your Companion for Life, sort of a long and stupid name, for a pretty solid little scent. It's is definitley similar to LIDGE, but without the overdose of patchouli which I personally hate.
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    Default Re: New Member - Intro & My Impressions

    Comme des Garcons 2 Man, Comme des Garcons Ourzazate and L'Occitane Eau de Baux would be three suggestions that might appeal to you based on what you and your S/O enjoy.

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    Default Re: New Member - Intro & My Impressions

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and great suggestions.
    I'll be sure to come back and reference this thread if im in the mood to test out something new.

    Trying Kiton for the first time today, pretty good.
    Starts clean. transitions to a smooth floral type scent.
    I see really no resemblance to Aventus or Green Irish Tweed as has been stated in reviews and online.
    If anything I see a resemblance in feel to the Abercromibie Cologne 41, but with much more complexity, as floral smooth as 41 is aquatic.
    Solid scent, certainly for more formal situations, feels like this can be worn any time of the year except hot weather.

    I like an edge on my scents, but this one is nicely smooth for a change.
    Bordering on a powdery type of smell, but not quite there.

    I see Dior Homme and Dior Homme Intense mention A LOT on this board.
    Whats kept me away from even a sample of it, has been the "lipstick" smell often noted.
    I'd like to try Guerlain Homme and the Intense, but it seems Guerlain is powder, powder, powder from the samples I've tried.

    Thanks again!
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    Default Re: New Member - Intro & My Impressions

    To the OP: Welcome to you! Enjoyed reading your opinions on that extensive list of scents you've tried.
    Remember that while it is perfectly acceptable to criticize the content of a post - criticizing the poster is not.
    Mean spirited, nasty, snide, sarcastic, hateful, and rude individuals on Basenotes don't warrant or deserve my or other Basenoters' acknowledgement or respect.

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    Default Re: New Member - Intro & My Impressions

    Quote Originally Posted by MegaMav View Post
    I see Dior Homme and Dior Homme Intense mention A LOT on this board.
    If you didn't like LIDGE for it's "powdered chocolate mix" scent, then you really won't like DHI.
    Because DHI is almost totally that chocolate powder note. At least LIDGE has some pathcouli and stuff to dirty it up a little and make it more interesting.

    I found your opinions of the various frags a good read.

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    Default Re: New Member - Intro & My Impressions

    Welcome and good review...Going to have to give Abercrombie & Finch Woods a try after reading your review.
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    Default Re: New Member - Intro & My Impressions

    Welcome sir. Be patient, for what I see from your first post/thread, you'll blend in just fine.

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    Default Re: New Member - Intro & My Impressions

    Quote Originally Posted by Navyy8 View Post
    Welcome and good review...Going to have to give Abercrombie & Fitch Woods a try after reading your review.
    You can remove the sticker from the back of the bottle. You're welcome.
    Seriously though, if you can get a great deal on it, I think you'll like it.
    My girlfriend loves the stuff. Its a blast of lavender, musk and some piney notes.
    Simple, and chicks dig it. I dig it too.

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    Default Re: New Member - Intro & My Impressions

    Some accomplishments along the way.

    I found quite a few gems, most of them from recommendations here.

    Kiton - Men - Professional, modern chypre that doesnt scream.
    Van Cleef & Arpels - Midnight in Paris EDP - Warmth in a bottle, I really enjoy the almond note in this.
    Guerlain - Homme L'eau Boisee - Friendly, easy going vetiver. Just the right dosage.
    Comme des Garcons - Wonderwood - Lighty, fluffy sawdust on a sandalwood plank.
    Tom Ford - Grey Vetiver - Classy, fresh, smoky vetiver.
    Gucci - Pour Homme II - Really did a 180 on this one. The sample I got in the mail from ebay a year previous was a musky violet leaf, gross. I sprayed it on me in Sephora about a month ago, bought a bottle and a backup bottle from Overstock for $44 each within a week. The tea and tobacco showed up for the party this time, and I can now see why this one gets so much love, hit my top 10 quick.

    Underrated Fragrances I've Found
    Legendary Fragrances - Barista - Listed on Fragrantica as a women's scent, I initially never found it in my search, but it turns out this is the best coffee scent I've smelled. Its beans, its roasted and its liquid in a cup. A little maple syrup ala New Haarlem, im surprised there isnt vanilla, because its quite sweet, but not nauseating. MUST TRY FOR COFFEE LOVERS. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL. I've tried so many supposed coffee scents and this one beats them all.

    Lalique - White - This one has been covered quite a bit, but I still dont think its as popular as it should be.

    Pal Zileri - Sartoriale - I've never tried Gucci Rush, but if its 95% similar, I can see why its so popular. Juicy green apple, followed by a violet leaf bridge to a big sanadalwood note and a little oak moss to give it longevity. Its inexpensive and wonderful at the same time. 3 bottles for me while they're still around, this one is discontinued get it while its available! I'd like to always have this one around.

    Comptoir Sud Pacifique - Amour de Cacao - The new formulation bottle is unreal in its presentation of a chocolate mousse or pudding pie with cold whipped cream and orange zest. Its very real, creamy chocolate that dries down to a vanilla/cocoa powder combo. If you didnt like the previous formula with the "biscuit" note, I recommend revisiting, its not there in this one. This house should get more love from sweet gourmand fans.


    Christian Dior - Eau Sauvage Fraicheur Cuir - I dont know who would want to smell like a moldy lemon, sandy leather and body odor, but this one gets a lot of love on reviews. To top it off, it smells absolutely rancid on the bottle cap days later. I cant get rid of this blind buy fast enough.
    Narciso Rodriquez - For Him - Might be just as wretched as CDESFC above, except, this one is in the rain, there are raw emotions of fear and death in the air, and it doesnt smell appealing. Its a smell coming from the man you just ran into. He's wearing Drakkar Noir on a wet purple velvet jumpsuit with a gold chain.
    Emper - Invitation - One of the worst blind buys even at $27 for 3.4oz or whatever it was. Coffee, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Amber it is touted. Thats a joke. It smells like a poorly designed mens scent from an obscure, cheap, marketing firm. GARBAGE. Smells like generic avon perfume from the 80s.

    Short notes from my experiences:

    I think Aventus is worth $30-$35 for a 1oz decant of samples from eBay
    Most "classic" scents really are not for me.
    DHI is a feminine as you want to perceive it.
    Iseey Miyake Summer Editions are worth a flyer at discounters.
    If you want vetiver in a fine form, get Encre Noire.
    Muglers are mostly overrated. I still enjoy Pure Malt and Taste of Fragrance.
    Terre d'Hermes Pure Parfum is nice, but I cant wear it too often.
    Mancera fragrances I've tried are unisex and overrated for the price.
    Trust your nose, not the hype. Sample first, blind buy only when forced.
    There isnt "niche quality" only niece price and availability.
    I dont think there is a degree of separation between a well made designer and a well made niche scent.
    Coffee is one of THE WORST represented notes in fragrances. I dont know why other than essential oils having a large amount of caffeine in them.
    Thank Basenotes and reviewers out there. They may love posting and writing reviews, but its still time out of their schedule for them to share their love, passion, experience with all of us.

    So, THANK YOU, to you all out there that sway our decisions to buy and sample based on your noses, because we can rarely trust marketing today.
    YouTube reviews with integrity: My "FragReviews" Channel
    Favorite House: Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier
    Fragrance Sales: eBay Store

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    Default Re: New Member - Intro & My Impressions

    It looks like from your previous post you've tried DHI. I am on the fence with this one... the Lipstick comparison is an interesting one. I can definitely smell it if I am looking for it. However, if somebody else were to smell it on me, I doubt they would think "why does this guy smell like lipstick?"

    It just has a very pleasant fragrance... and you're right, I think it can be very unisex if that's what you need it to be.

    Edit: Also, I actually wore TF Grey Vetiver today from a small decant I have. I really dig this scent as well, and will likely purchase the full bottle when possible.
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