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Thread: Amino alcohol

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    Default Amino alcohol

    I would like to know about amino alcohol and his contribution to make perfume oil

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    Kazalbash, I have to admit that your question puzzled me, and sent me looking for an answer, and I became still more puzzled.

    First, There doesn't seem to be a single chemical called Amino Alcohol, but those words describe a whole class of chemicals, instead - Amino Alcohols.

    Using the TGSC Databse for research, I saw a few Amino Alcohols, and most of them were not suitable for your stated purpose of making Perfume Oils. In fact they all said "Not for Fragrance Use".

    The Closest single molecule I came across that was similarly named as "Amino Alcohol" was 2-aminoethyl Alcohol, CAS# 141-43-5.
    Other chemicals in the Class of Amino Alcohols said they were industrial Pollutants, smelled like fish, etc.. and In General, didn't sound like anything that making Perfume Oils needed to be concerned with.

    On the surface, your question seems ill-informed, and incomplete, and seemingly completely irrelevant, possibly even harmful if used and placed on your skin. So, Is there some deeper reason to inquire about this class of materials and their use in perfumery, when all points seem to be stated against their usage ... ?

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    Default Re: Amino alcohol

    Or is it a mis-spelling and what is meant is "Amyl Alcohol"?

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