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    Default Andy Tauer - Mystic Violet Hills - new

    Has anyone tried this yet?°n...r-journey.html°n-3°e-perfumer.html

    Quoting from the website via Google Translate:-

    Chord I - Intense Violet

    Even from afar you can spread in the south of France a purple patchwork over the otherwise barren highlands of the Causse Méjean. If you come closer, one finds that the purple spots consist of thousands of tufts wild mountain lavender that exude an incredibly fruity and fresh, while herb-floral perfume. The wild mountain lavender has adapted to the harsh climate of the Cevennes. It grows in the lean earth at over 1000 m altitude, where the sun heats the surrounding calcareous stones and where a steady, saturated by the sea air, strong wind blows.

    Chord II - Mystic Wilderness

    Wild sheep grazing determine the barren landscape of the Causse Mejean in the Cevennes . The shepherds with their flocks of sheep and pulling their dogs alone through the lonely , rocky plateaus, where small black pine and shrubs are the only shade . The sheep feed mainly on wild herbs , but also eat the young shoots of pine , which is a nationwide forestation confines and sun- loving plants scent creates space to spread around. This creates the unique world of fragrance Causse Méjean in which combines the flavor of the spicy resin of the pine with the sweetish perfume of mountain lavender and green, fruity scent of juniper .

    Chord III - Authenticity

    Once the sun has reached its zenith and the wind carries the hot , marine air on the Causse Méjean , the meditative picking wild mountain lavender is interrupted. The little hand sickles are put away , spread the collecting towels on the floor and searched for a place in the shade of a pine tree to get some rest in the hottest part of the day. The shaped by life and hard work pickers tell each other news from the surrounding villages and philosophize about life. Homemade ice creams Marrons are passed around and the passing shepherd is invited to share the deliciousness with them. The glazed with sugar and vanilla chestnuts have a delicate and slightly exotic flavor and melt in your mouth .

    Richard Lüscher Britos
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    Default Re: Andy Tauer - Mystic Violet Hills - new

    Thanks for the info. First I've heard about it.
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    Default Re: Andy Tauer - Mystic Violet Hills - new

    Unfortunately, samples do not appear to be available, but maybe someone locally will be able to tell us more.

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    Default Re: Andy Tauer - Mystic Violet Hills - new


    for swap/sale:

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