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Thread: Mugler fans...

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    Default Mugler fans...

    I was curious as to what the current opinions are on some of Mugler fragrances. How would you rate the following out of 5:
    -Pure Malt
    -Pure Havane
    -ATOF/Pure Chili
    -Pure Leather
    -Pure Shot/Energy(let's assume they're either the same or extremely similar)

    If you'd like to explain any or all of your ratings, that would be great.

    Also, my two final questions are:
    1. Would you like to see Pure Coffee reissued?
    2. What other note would you like to see mixed with the Mugler DNA in a Pure release?


    I'll go first
    -A*Men - 5/5 - one of the best designers ever
    -Pure Malt - 5/5 - the hype should speak for itself
    -Pure Havane - 5/5 - different enough from pure malt to warrant both in a wardrobe
    -ATOF/Pure Chili - 5/5 - while the chili note may not be everyone's cup of tea, it's uniqueness is what makes it great
    -Pure Leather - ?/5 - have my sample waiting to be tested(hear it's very A*Men like though)
    -Pure S/E - ?/5 - may not sample since I've read it's the weakest of the lineup

    1. I say yes to bringing back Pure Coffee based on the popularity of all the others
    2. MFK's Oud made me interested in saffron(Pure Saffron?), maybe it could work w/ Mugler's DNA

    You're turn.

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    Default Re: Mugler fans...

    A*Men (2.5/5) - Just ok...not much to say other than that. I guess it is somewhat unique compared to other designer crap.
    Pure Malt (2.5/5) - Mediocre stuff, overly sweet, could use some more booziness...and less sweetness. *Own a bottle.
    Pure Havane (3.5/5) - Pretty decent, sweet too but it's just more tolerable to me. *Own a bottle.
    ATOF/Pure Chili (Never tried)
    Pure Leather (Never tried, not a big fan of leather.)
    Pure Shot/Energy (1/5) - Horrible waste of money, worst blind buy from myself. Stuff lasts minutes.

    1. Yes, I would like to try it.
    2. Pure Wood.

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    Default Re: Mugler fans...

    • A*Men - 3/5 - love the dry down, dislike the initial blast of tar
    • Pure Malt - 3/5 - love the booziness
    • Pure Havane - 4/5 - this worked better, the sweetness offsets the typical A*Men tar
    • ATOF/Pure Chili - 2/5 - these just didn't work for me, notes are a mess
    • Pure Leather - 4.5/5 - just some odd note just doesn't agree with me, short of being the best one besides Pure Coffee (5/5)
    • Pure Shot - 2.5/5 - this is an odd one to my nose. I like but dislike this one...
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    Default Re: Mugler fans...

    A-Men - 4/5 - first time I sprayed it I was thinking what the hell...sweet tar? But I loved the longevity, so I continued to wear it a couple of times a week...and now I love it. I'd be a little nervous wearing it to work or somewhere casual - I like to wear it when I won't be boxed in, as a comfort scent at home, and when I go on a date with the fiance (she loves it...loved it from the first time I wore it.)
    Pure Malt - 4/5
    Pure Havane - 4/5
    Taste of Fragrance - 2/5...wasn't for me so I swapped it away
    haven't tried Pure Shot or B Men, but I plan to try B Men

    I'd like to try Pure Coffee, so yeah I'd like to see it re-released.
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    Default Re: Mugler fans...

    1) Pure Malt 4/5
    2) Pure Havane 4/5
    3) A*Men 3/5
    4) ATOF/Pure Chili 3/5
    5) Pure Leather 2/5
    6) Pure Shot 2/5

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    Default Re: Mugler fans...

    Pure Malt 5/5
    Pure Havane 4/5

    The best from the Mugler line IMO.

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    Default Re: Mugler fans...

    A*Men - 2.5 / 5 - A bit too much with the tar, but not too bad IMO.
    Pure Malt - 4 / 5 - Excellent. Very sweet, so I need to be in the mood, but well done.
    Pure Havane - 4.5 / 5 - Great fragrance. One of the best tobacco scents.
    TOF - 2 / 5. Not my thing. Many here love this one, but I don't care for the chili smell.
    Pure Leather - 2.5 / 5 - Not bad, but was hoping for so much more for a Leather flanker. Smells a bit like a sneaker (rubber/leather).
    Pure Shot - 2 / 5 - Not a scrubber. But that's about as far as I can compliment it.

    Pure Coffee? Yes, I would like to see it re-released.
    Other versions: Pure Incense, Pure Vetiver

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    Default Re: Mugler fans...

    I'm not seeing a big demand for "Pure Oud"......but I have a feeling someday.....

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    Default Re: Mugler fans...

    A*Men 3.5
    -Pure Malt 2.4
    -Pure Havane n/a
    -ATOF/Pure Chili n/a
    -Pure Leather 2
    -Pure Shot/Energy 1

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    Default Re: Mugler fans...

    -A*Men 5
    -Pure Malt 5
    -Pure Havan 4 (not as potent as other two)
    -ATOF/Pure Chili haven't tried it.
    -Pure Leather 5
    -Pure Shot/Energy 1 (a dud)
    - B*Men 5
    - Ice Men 3 (not strong enough)
    - Mugler Cologne 2 (a nothing scent on me, a 4 on my wife)


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    Default Re: Mugler fans...

    • A*Men - own it, too loud - 2/5
    • Pure Malt - own it - excellent - 4/5
    • Pure Havane - own it excellent - 4/5
    • ATOF/Pure Chili - i have sampled it, didn't like it. 1/5
    • Pure Leather - own it, a different take on leather - 3.5/5
    • Pure Shot - yet to sample

    Pure Coffee? Yet to sample it, but yes, I would like to see it re-released.
    Other versions: Pure Incense, Pure Vetiver & Pure Oud (or wood)

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    Default Re: Mugler fans...

    A*Men 3.5/5
    Pure Malt 4.5/5
    Pure Havane 4/5
    TOF 5/5
    Pure Leather- 2.5/5
    Pure Shot 1.5/5

    Sure-release it at normal prices- 90 bucks
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    Default Re: Mugler fans...

    A*Men - very original, burned caramel scent. I happen to like it when I decide to wear it but i dont wear it more than 5-10x per year. It is very sweet so its hard to wear for me on regular basis. As an art I give it 5/5, but versatility is as low as 1/5.

    Pure Malt - I really loved this one, couple of years ago when it was rare and it was my comfort scent. I like top notes, dislike middle notes that are too plastic for me and love patchouli drydown. Unfortunately for me its also not very versatile and I take it more as a party scent so I dont wear it often and if I am in mood for patchouli I wear LIDGE instead. Anyway, rating 4.5/5. Versatility 3/5.

    Pure Havane - I still own small sample and after several samplings (12x) still dont want full bottle. For my taste its too feminine on opening, and drydown is just synthetic vanilla. Its not bad but when I am in mood for quality vanilla scent I wear Dior Homme Intense instead. My rating 3.5/5 for scent. Versatility 3/5.

    Taste of Fragrance - this was blind buy for me. To me its most wearable A*Men. Top notes reminds me Pure Havane but its more masculine thanks to spicy pepper note. Drydown is liquorice + vanilla + coffee + pepper. Rating: 4.5/5 scent. Versatility 4/5. (IMO it is good office scent)

    Pure Shot - I sampled Pure Shot just once. I really disliked top notes, but it went much better on drydown. To me it smelled like mix of Avon Full Speed (RPM) and Terre D Hermes. Not bad for a summer scent. Rating: 3.5/5 for scent. Versatility 4/5.

    I have not sampled Pure Leather yet.

    Pure Coffee - this is closest to original A*Men. Doesnt have tar note but synthetic coffee note on top doesnt smell much like coffee. Drydown is nice chocolate scent. Its not bad but I dont care for it enough to buy a bottle even if its rereleased. Rating: 3.5/5 scent. Versatility 2/5

    I think that I have enough of A*Men flankers... but if they try to do another one... maybe some floral A*Men would not be that bad. (jasmine, neroli or some other white flowers) or some green A*Men (with cypress, fir, etc)

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    Default Re: Mugler fans...

    It seems "Pure" fans wouldn't complain about new flankers. I think Malt & Havane are generally liked, Chili & the original are a bit of a love or hate it thing, I'm not sure how to summarize Leather yet, and Shot/Energy is a bit of a letdown compared to the others.

    I still think it would be genius to release a set of small bottles of all of them together. For example, .5oz Malt, .5oz Havane, .5 Chili, .5 Leather .5 Coffee, or whatever combination they want and ask $100 or so. There's no way it wouldn't sell like hotcakes............mmmm, Pure Maple.

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    Default Re: Mugler fans...

    Rating from favorite to least ....

    -Pure Malt -1<br>
    -Pure Havane-4<br>
    -ATOF/Pure Chili-3<br>
    -Pure Leather-5<br>
    -pure shot -6
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    Default Re: Mugler fans...

    A*Men - 3/5. Love the dry down but can't stand the opening. I've tried, oh hell how I've tried but I just can't tolerate it.

    Pure Malt - 3.5/5. Nice but just doesn't wow me.

    Pure Havane - 5/5 - My favourite designer of all time.

    Pure Shot - 3/5 - Not half as bad as people make out. It's actually a little bit different to the usual designer summer offerings.

    Pure Coffee - 3.5/5 - The coffee is a bit more pronounced on me than most people. It's a stale coffee rather than anything fresh or vibrant though, The best thing for me is that is develops into A*Men without the hideous opening.

    Taste of Fragrance - 2/5 - Can't get on with that chilli paste opening. Not for me.

    Pure Leather - 1/5 - I hate this one. The leather reminds me of cheap plasticky leather. Horrible.

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    Default Re: Mugler fans...

    A*Men: 4.5
    B* Men: 2.5
    Pure Malt: 4.5
    Pure Havane: 4.5
    Pure Shot: 3.0
    Pure Leather: 3.0
    TOF: Never sampled (Hint, Hint)
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    Default Re: Mugler fans...

    Only know the following Mugler fragrances that I am going to rate below:

    AMen-2/5, at most 3/5
    Pure Havane-5/5
    Pure Shot-3,5 bordering on a possible 4/5

    With a special mention to Mugler Cologne- 4-4,5/altogether, but almost a 5/5 in the category of EDC, fresh and/or light fragrances
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    Default Re: Mugler fans...

    Quote Originally Posted by sjg3839 View Post
    A*Men: 4.5
    B* Men: 2.5
    Pure Malt: 4.5
    Pure Havane: 4.5
    Pure Shot: 3.0
    Pure Leather: 3.0
    TOF: Never sampled (Hint, Hint)
    You're hinting you want a sample from someone?

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    Default Re: Mugler fans...

    Yes, I was. A fellow basenoter looked out for me. Thanks! You guys are great.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheDreamer View Post
    You're hinting you want a sample from someone?
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    Default Re: Mugler fans...

    In that case, I haven't tried Duro, Puredistance M, Costume National, 24 Gold, & Bentley Intense, hint, hint

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    Default Re: Mugler fans...

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDreamer View Post
    In that case, I haven't tried Duro, Puredistance M, Costume National, 24 Gold, & Bentley Intense, hint, hint
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    Default Re: Mugler fans...

    I like the Mirror Mirror Collection.
    for swap/sale:

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    Default Re: Mugler fans...

    Quote Originally Posted by hedonist222 View Post
    I like the Mirror Mirror Collection.
    More than the Pure, TOF, & Liqueur lines? Which ones? Why?....

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    Default Re: Mugler fans...

    -A*Men - 4/5 (own) Like the opening and dry down.

    -Pure Malt 4/5 (own) Like all stages but there is a hint of synthetic in there.
    -Pure Havane 3/5 (own) I don't really care for the strong / rough spice. The very end of the dry down is really nice as it smooths out.
    -ATOF/Pure Chili 2/5 (own) I got this as the last bottle in my city and was like what the heck it;s part of the collection. Too much "chilli".
    -Pure Leather 3/5 (tested) I can yet again get the last bottle in my city but I'm not going to buy this at $100.00.
    -Pure Shot 2/5 (own) I liked it when I tested it. However, I don't think patchouli belongs in a summer / fresh fragrance.

    Pure Coffee - Never had the chance to try this. If it's dry like TOF I would not be interested. If its a bit sweeter I would be very interested.

    Pure Vanilla (not overly sweet or dry)
    Pure "Tom Ford Noir / Lalique Encre Noir"
    Pure "Aventus"
    Pure "Malt Refined" (zero plastic / synthetic vibe - high-end quality with zero rough edges)
    Pure "Luxury" (not sure what that is but something classy, not something trendy. Perhaps Pure "Dior Homme Intense"

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