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    Question just bought Durbano Lapis Philosophorum..

    how many fans?

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    Default Re: just bought Durbano Lapis Philosophorum..

    I desperately need to try this

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    Default Re: just bought Durbano Lapis Philosophorum..

    I am a big fan of Lapis Philosophorum. Not only does it have the very interesting depth of incense that Durbano is so good at utilizing, but a truly innovative use of very odd ingredients. Most noticeable to me is the wine sediment note which has a yeasty dried berry tangy aspect to it - quite similar to the central ingredient of TF Plum Japanais. Fantastic stuff!

    Look at the notes that are listed as ingredient: Calamus, Juniper, Rum, White truffle, Grapefruit, Wine sediment, Oman frankincense, Mesquite, Ambergris, Menthol, Opoponax, Myrrh, Musk, Oak moss. Who else combines menthol, mesquite, wine sediment, white truffle, rum, with green notes in an essentially frankincense centered fragrance? It works.
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    Default Re: just bought Durbano Lapis Philosophorum..

    Own this latest Durbano release and love it as I do all his others. Great scent.
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