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    Question 'SMOKE' by Kiehls

    25 odd years ago I had a mens' fragrance [talc and after shave] called SMOKE by Kiehls [NYC].
    It had a really strong earthy smell I really liked it, found nothing like it since. They no longer make it.
    and is there anyway of finding out what those base scents may be?
    thanks, Graham.

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    Default Re: 'SMOKE' by Kiehls

    Earthy and smoky, you say? Maybe give Le Labo Patchouli 24 a try, and see if that does anything for you...

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    Default Re: 'SMOKE' by Kiehls

    try something from the CB I hate perfume line. Christopher, the nose, from what I hear, used to design the Keihls scents and he also seems to have a knack for smokey type scents. See the directory reviews, but basically look into his single accords like smoke, leather, etc and his compositions like fireside or something, and in the library, burning leaves, etc...
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    Default Re: 'SMOKE' by Kiehls

    Hi & welcome, Pacificasurf!
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