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    Default [US] Theo Fennel - Scent -- H&G - Geste -- CdG - Tar

    Hello wonderful people. For sale here are some bottles from my collection.

    • Prices include shipping CONUS via USPS
    • Open to trades such as CdG, Tauer, Lutens, Amouage, HdP, etc.
    • pm for additional pics and/or details

    click here for a pic of Scent edt, edp, Petroleum, and Tar. Apologies for the poor image quality, the lighting is bad and the lens has spots.

    Theo Fennel - Scent - I have half a 75ml bottle of the EdT and an almost full bottle of the EdP (only sprayed a few times). I'm asking $40 for the edt and $120 or best offer for the EdP.

    I think I'm the only one worldwide offering a full bottle of the eau de parfum, which includes the box. Hence my relatively high asking price. Some sample websites like Surrender to Chance offer decants at much more exorbitant price ($51 for 15ml). It is an extremely rare discontinued fragrance, less common on ebay than Le Feu d'Issey, which goes for $150+. If you are not aware, it has been hailed as a masterpiece by Luca Turin and a number of other critics, just google for some reviews. It was created by Christophe Laudamiel, who has a master's degree in chemistry and has created a number of other critically and commercially successful fragrances. I have two bottles already, otherwise I wouldn't let these go.

    Histoires de Parfums - Petroleum sold

    Humiecki & Graef - Geste - approx 95ml left in 100ml bottle - $150
    pic -

    Comme des Garcons - Tar - sprayed a handful of times, hard to say since the fragrance is vacuum sealed in a bag inside the bottle but I'd say there is about 70ml left of the 75ml bottle. $100 obo

    This is also very difficult to find but not impossible. I've googled around to see if anyone selling a bottle in the US and haven't found any. Many retailers are sold out, and overseas sellers who have bottles offering sale to the US have very high shipping costs. My asking price is a little below the current price on ebay and wherever other bottles are available.
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    Default Re: [US] Theo Fennel - Scent -- H&G - Geste -- CdG - Tar

    bump. petroleum has sold.

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