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    Default Non-floral perfumes?

    Hi there,
    I've had a brief look to see if anything like this has been posted before. I couldn't see anything but apologies if this question has already been asked!
    Basically over the past few years I seem to have developed a sensitivity to strong floral-based perfumes. The past few floral fragrances I've had have given me headaches and the last bottle, Gucci Flora, gave me bad migraines almost instantly. It's such a shame as I've always loved perfumes, particularly the stronger floral ones.
    I asked for some advice from some workers in perfume shops but to be honest none of them seemed to understand my problem and just kept recommending me more floral scents! One lady, though, advised me that I should stick to eau de toilette and recommended Chance by Chanel as that was quite light and not TOO floral. I took her advice which was quite right and I've been wearing it ever since. However it's just not as strong as I'd like and I can never seem to smell it even after dousing myself in it!
    What I'd like to ask is, are there any other great smelling non-floral based perfumes anyone can recommend?
    Thanks for any help in advance, and Merry Christmas!

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    Default Re: Non-floral perfumes?

    Welcome to Basenotes!

    There are lots of great non-floral fragrances out there. A great place to start might be some of the unisex or masculine frags. Woody notes might appeal to you. Three of my favorite wood scents are Serge Lutens Chene, Serge Lutens Santal de Mysore, and Tam Dao.

    Two non-floral feminine fragrances out of my wardrobe I have to mention are Angel and Eau des Merveilles. Of course, Angel really needs a light hand. Dousing yourself in Angel is not advised!
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    Default Re: Non-floral perfumes?

    How about incense? Comme des Garcons has an incense line that seems to have something for everyone. Or Sonoma Scent Studio has a number of scents that aren't heavily floral--Champagne de Bois, Sienna Musk, Ambre Noir, Wood Violet, and Fireside Intense have either no floral notes or only one.

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    Default Re: Non-floral perfumes?

    For non florals you have three primary categories:

    Woods: sandalwood , vetiver , cedar, cypress, birch & hinoki

    Resins like benzoin , labdanum frankincense, Somali incense , oppoponax mrryh, & others.

    Herbs like sage, rosemary , basil , camomile, tarragon & thyme.

    Spice like cardamom, pepper & saffron.
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    Default Re: Non-floral perfumes?

    Good suggestions, hedonist, fox and bleu.

    I first thought of some non-florals off the top of my head:

    Hermes Santal Massoia
    Chanel Sycomore
    Chanel Coromandel

    For women looking for non-florals, don't hesitate to try scents marketed to men as bleu suggests.
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    Default Re: Non-floral perfumes?

    Thank you so much for these suggestions, it's just what I needed! Angel in particular sounds good as you say not to douse yourself in it so it must be quite strong. I'm going to write all these down on a list and have a little sniff of the ones I can find. Thanks again!

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    Default Re: Non-floral perfumes?

    Many suggestions already about the types of perfumes (others you could check are oriental resinous like Youth Dew or Aromatics Elixir).

    Also, you can spray body parts away from the face, like the legs or the hair on the back of thehead. This will decrease the amount that hits your nose, though the perfumes will still be perceived by others.


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    Default Re: Non-floral perfumes?

    That's a brilliant idea Cacio, I'd never thought of that! Will give it a try today

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    Default Re: Non-floral perfumes?

    LuckyScent is one place where you can order samples. The fun thing is you can look under 'fragrances' and select a type like 'woods' and it brings up all the scents with those aspects. (I have no affiliation)

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    Default Re: Non-floral perfumes?

    I have nothing to add but a hearty welcome and a happy New Year, JoUK. Wonderful suggestions from some of my favorite basenote-ists here. Enjoy your exploration. Looking forward to hearing more from you.
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    Default Re: Non-floral perfumes?

    I've been experimenting with Saffron fragrances recently and finding lots of love. Here are a few to consider

    l'artisan Safran Troublant
    Jo Malone Cologne Intense Saffron
    Montal Red Oud
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    Default Re: Non-floral perfumes?

    This one's not floral & is very refreshing

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    Default Re: Non-floral perfumes?

    You might try Jovoy's La Liturgie des Heures. It's an incense. No florals. Beautiful!

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