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    Default What Material Causes the Soapy Aroma

    I enjoy some fragrances with a "soapy" aroma, but it's a note that I don't like to have overdone. The problem occurs after I take a shower. These soapy notes seem to amplify because the heat and water strengthen them, and the other notes wash away.

    The note(s) in question are soapy and somewhat dry or woody and usually associated with rose. Does anyone wish to hazard a guess as to what material I might be smelling?

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    Default Re: What Material Causes the Soapy Aroma

    Lavender 40/42 oil is commonly used in soaps. It has a highly floral scent but it's more camphoraceous than English lavender, which gives it more of a soapy nuance. Spanish rosemary oil is high in camphor, which also makes it smell quite soapy. Rose alcohol is commonly used in soaps, as are geranium oil and palmarosa oil. If linalool, geraniol, or citronellol are listed in the ingredients, then there's a reasonable chance that it's from one or more of these ingredients. If not, then perhaps it's an aroma chemical.
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    Default Re: What Material Causes the Soapy Aroma

    If it remains on the skin after a shower then it's probably something long-lasting like a musk, possibly in combination with other base-note materials. Don't know about the rose part though...

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    Default Re: What Material Causes the Soapy Aroma

    I'm guessing musks and aldehydes - or - schiff bases. Whenever I get a schiff base on my hands I can't wash it off, even after repeated soaping. It usually takes a whole day to wear away after washing it off. To me aldehydic bases smell very soapy especially with certain laundry type musks.
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    Default Re: What Material Causes the Soapy Aroma

    I just discovered that musks (at least the ones I have) simply smell like
    laundry, and barely come off even after scrubbing.

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    Default Re: What Material Causes the Soapy Aroma

    It makes sense, as musks often have the floral and woody notes that purplebird described. Perfumers World has a good list of musks, along with descriptions of their properties and uses. Tonalide and Galaxolide in particular are described as having use as laundry musks.
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    Default Re: What Material Causes the Soapy Aroma

    All of those explanations seem plausible.

    Rose is a major component of these perfumes but not lavender or rosemary. As for linalool, geraniol, and citronellol -- it is highly likely that they are part of the formula, and they are common ingredients.

    Tenacity leads me to believe that a synthetic is primarily to blame amplified soapiness. The only natural-smelling aspect of the aroma that remains after washing is patchouli, but that is sweeter and not soapy.

    Musk plus aldehydes? Possibly. There is some waxiness about the aroma. Most likely there's a third component, too.

    The idea of a Schiff Base intrigues me. One of the perfumes is dark yellow. Aurantiol? Maybe. Orange blossom, chypre and oriental aspects? Check.

    The part that puzzles me most is that the hot water brings this aroma out. Either the soapiness was masked before washing, or it is a reaction that occurs outside of the formula in the bottle.

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    Default Re: What Material Causes the Soapy Aroma

    As mentioned in the previous posts certain white musks can give a clean soapy impression. I would say Muscenone more than any other.

    As for specific aroma chemicals i would say C-12 Lauric, Ambrettolide, Benzyl Laurate,& anthranilate cinnamaldehyde schiff's base

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