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Thread: "Too Safe"

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    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post
    Flash Point by Jeanne Arthes. Like it but don't love it and almost never reach for it.

    This one is mine also.
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    Default Re: "Too Safe"

    Interesting thread!

    For me, safe does not always mean boring. I think De Bachmakov by TdC is the among the most safe scents I've ever smelled, but the stuff is absolutely marvelous. It smells like a perfect spring morning. It's one I look forward to wearing. That being said, I did start a thread about De Bachmakov, asking if it was too nice. If it had a bit more edge to it, it could be a perfect ten for me, but even as is, it's at least a 9. I love it.

    On the other hand, there are definitely scents that bore me after a while and I find that I don't reach for them anymore. Just as you said in the original post: "Something that you like but don't love and never reach for.." Bois D'Argent. It's excellent, but for some reason, it's a like, not a love, and I never reach for it. It's been months and I haven't even finished a 2.5ml sample.
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    Probably YSL L'homme....*Yawnfest*
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    Quote Originally Posted by JiveHippo View Post
    Even though I absolutely love this frag, I have to agree with you. There is a reason so many politicians wear Gendarme. Almost smells like you aren't wearing a frag at all, but your clothes are freshly cleaned. But it's so affordable I can't see how it isn't in everyone's arsenal.

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    I'd say YSL L'homme or perhaps DG light blue. I like the both but they don't get reached for often.
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    Quote Originally Posted by StinkinApe View Post
    it is also very inoffensive IMHO.
    Oh, it's plenty offensive.

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    I've culled out most of the 'uninteresting' bottles from my wardrobe. I don't hold back on most of what I wear in the office on a daily basis (though Knize 10 doesn't wear at work). Almost all of what I have left have something that I find interesting. That said, CdG Amazinggreen is pretty safe and I don't wear it much as I always reach for something more interesting.


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