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    Default Re: Hermessence Longevity?

    I have been finding that with adequate moisturizing, I can boost longevity a bit. I guess the lotion can act as a substrate to help absorb fragrance rather than let it get absorbed by the skin (and thus no longer be detectable). There's also the matter of the seasons. If you have a dry/arid environment, I suspect longevity won't be very good for most any fragrance.

    So if a fragrance is just inherently shy on longevity, there is always the measure of bringing along a small spray bottle to freshen yourself. Of course, the more sprays the faster the fragrance goes and... when you're talking $2.4/1ml, that can be a bit annoying.
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    Default Re: Hermessence Longevity?

    I agree with Janjanjan. I appreciate the quality, but these are so expensive that they aren't worth it for me. Actually I feel the same way about most of the Chanel exclusifs as well: two of my favorites don't last much past a few hours either.

    Quote Originally Posted by Janjanjan View Post
    That's a good point and would explain things. Kinda sad though - Brin de Reglisse was my favorite of the four, but I would rather save my $ at this price point for something that would last longer.

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    Default Re: Hermessence Longevity?

    Seriously, hermessence is weak. I get better projectivity with Voyage and Terre than when I use hermessence line.
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    Default Re: Hermessence Longevity?

    poor sillage and longevity i wouldnt never spend so much money for these perfumes

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    Default Re: Hermessence Longevity?

    I love their sheet, transparent style. It's a nice refreshing change-of-pace from the hissy, radiant, hit-you-over-the-head designer scents that I'm surrounded by every day.
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    Default Re: Hermessence Longevity?

    I agree, Mike.

    I wore Santal Massoia on Sunday - I had dismissed this initially due to it's non sandalwoodiness but it's great if you take it for what it is and it actually stayed very present for hours . . . and hours.

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