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    Default Who adores these?

    Checking out the SOTD data, Pink Sugar by Aquolina, Hugo Deep Red & Burberry London have been recorded as the most worn over the past month - just wondering if the members wearing them would like to share something about these as they don't appear to have been discussed that much here of late?

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    Default Re: Who adores these?

    Don't own these and have never smelt Pink Sugar or Hugo Red.

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    Default Re: Who adores these?

    Burberry London should be no surprise during the holiday season.


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    Default Re: Who adores these?

    Interesting - thank you!

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    Default Re: Who adores these?

    I used to wear Deep Red about 10 years ago at work, festive moods I guess as bright uplifting scent, helped me to wake up on mornings)
    now prefer Intense Hugo Boss - for office use

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    Default Re: Who adores these?

    I wore Pink Sugar on December 19th ... I don't know the other two.

    I like Pink Sugar and I have always felt that it is more substantial and complex than its name. It is a great mood lifter, is very fun and flirty, is super sweet but easy enough to wear on the hottest Kansas summer day, is a compliment magnet, and it makes me smile. Sometimes, a girl just needs a fragrance like that and Pink Sugar is perfect!
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    Default Re: Who adores these?

    Only know Burberry London and Hugo Deep Red and while not personally wearing either, I can fully imagine why these fragrances are widely worn during the holiday season and beyond. Deservedly so, since they are (as a personal opinion) quite good fragrances.

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    Default Re: Who adores these?

    Only own Burberry London and find it personally to be the best men's offering in the line.

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    Default Re: Who adores these?

    I'm curious about Pink Sugar because I've read some complementary opinions, but thus far have not gone out of my way to sniff it.

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    Default Re: Who adores these?

    I don't have Pink Sugar but I do have the other two ! Burberry London (men's ) has a great blend of lavender,christmassy pine,warm port wine and a heady mimosa floral that works well for either gender.( I tend not to wear it when my Dad is home as i gave him a bottle too and don't want to put him off it-he doesn't have as many scents as I do.) Hugo Boss Deep Red (women's ) is a nice deep vanilla scent similar to Bvlgari Black but with a bit more cherry and less of the distinct" new bike tires"note .
    One of my co-workers wears Pink Sugar as a signature scent (alternates with PS Sensual or Chocolovers) It usually smells like Brown sugar Maccaroon cookies baking -I can definitely see the holiday appeal!
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    Default Re: Who adores these?

    Interesting stuff - thanks!

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