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View Poll Results: Does continuous sampling add or detract from your enjoyment of your existing full bottles of fragran

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    Default Re: A poll -- Does sampling detract from FB enjoyment?

    l go through phases of trying to use up my samples, so yes, sometimes l neglect my bottles, but then l come back to them with renewed appreciation, & so l voted "neither".

    There are also times when, as with a wardrobe full of clothes, l look at my bottles & think; "l've got nothing to wear!" because nothing fits my mood at that particular moment. This is when samples come in handy, as l can grab something to wear that's not in my usual rotation, & therefore more interesting & different at that time.

    l can't imagine a time when l will ever be without samples. Trying something new on a regular basis is what keeps my interest alive.
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    Default Re: A poll -- Does sampling detract from FB enjoyment?

    What an interesting thread, danieq; thanks for starting this.

    Most of my sampling has come by way of generous basenotes friends, and I've done my sampling spending one week with one friend's samples, another week with another's. I do draw a distinction between samples and decants. With hand decanted "care packages" I feel like I'm getting a self-portrait of this friend, who I've gotten to know through the internet and packages. Collections are as unique as people, as unique as handwriting, and I appreciate these glimpses into someone else's tastes. Likewise, I enjoy preparing sample passes to share my scent world, as well as preparing a mini-collection of decants for individuals.

    Samples strike me more as a chance to "play the field"; I can appreciate fragrances that are just "not me" at all without any commitment. In fact I wasn't quite joking when I once said that fragrance is the safest promiscuity; it allows for blowsy one-night stands sans aftermath. You sniff, you move on.

    I should also mention, I love the packaging; we are a creative bunch that believes in presentation.

    In addition to FBs, I have quite a few minis, which occupy an in-between space. Sometimes with a mini, I worry about running out; other times, they are a reminder—life is short, enjoy! I also enjoy the aesthetic experience of the mini bottles; they are just so winsome.

    So, Happy New Year one and all. Basenotes has been the most "real" of web experiences precisely because you can't email a scent. We touch one another across time zones. XXXOOO

    Update: I didn't quite answer the question, did I? No, doesn't detract. FBs are my daily wear, sampling is often an evening activity.
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    Default Re: A poll -- Does sampling detract from FB enjoyment?

    For me it starts to detract if it goes on too long...too many days in a row of sampling.

    If it's just now and then, then it's like a bit of spice added to an already delicious food.

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    Default Re: A poll -- Does sampling detract from FB enjoyment?

    It seems from the answers given thus far that it adds in general except for when sampling becomes the only fragrance worn. Good lessons mates!
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    Default Re: A poll -- Does sampling detract from FB enjoyment?

    I didn't understand the topic.

    But I find that sampling as an activity is virtually endless. You can spend a full year, 365 days, living on samples (for testing).
    I spent too much time sampling in 2012 as opposed to enjoying my FBs.
    So in 2013 & now 2014 I will only pursue samples this I'm reasonably sure I'll like (based on reviews from people who's perception of perfume like mine).

    But like anything in life, anything in excess yields unfavorable consequences.
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