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    Default Designer deodorant sticks

    What are some deodorants that you personally use that go well with (a) particular fragrance(s)?

    I'm interested in branching out and getting some designer deodorant sticks such as from Chanel.

    I'd like feedback on different options, .
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    Default Re: Designer deodorant sticks

    I tried a few-they suck
    Stick to antiperspirants- Degree-Speed Stick

    I had Kenneth Cole Signature and it wore off in 30 mins

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    Default Re: Designer deodorant sticks

    I've had Blenheim Bouquet in the past.

    Expensive and didn't compliment the EDT as much as I expected it to.

    I've worn Antaeus and Kouros for 25+ years and have never been tempted to buy the deos.

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    Default Re: Designer deodorant sticks

    When I was a teenager, I remember using Old Spice deodorant stick - the only one I remember using. Only use the commercial ones now.

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    Default Re: Designer deodorant sticks

    I just picked up a stick of Chanel Platinum Egoiste. As for using commercial deodorants, I generally stay away from them because they leave a bit of residue that generally makes me feel uncomfortable when I try to wash them off in the shower. Must be the aluminum/zinc in them.

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    Default Re: Designer deodorant sticks

    In terms of being true to the fragrance, I've generally had better results from the spray deodorants than from the sticks.

    I have a Cool Water stick at the moment which smells great, but provides less than average 'protection'.

    I'd generally say that 'designer' deodorant sticks (and indeed shower gels) provide pretty poor value for money and don't add much to the fragrance 'experience'. Of course, if you enjoy using them, and don't mind paying for them, then you'll probably feel differently... It's nice when these products are 'thrown-in' with a fragrance purchase.

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    Default Re: Designer deodorant sticks

    Since you mentioned Chanel, I just got their stick to pair with Bleu de Chanel EDT.

    Even though I haven't been a fan of matching deodorant, I also like Terre d'Hermes pure parfum enough also that I have it too.

    My biggest problem with matching deodorants is the extra storage space they require. Unless you have tons of space and can keep your sticks down to one or two, it's not worth the payoff to me.

    You should probably wear a particular frag for a while to know you love it that much. Most aren't cheap. Around $23 and up to essentially do the job you can do for under $5.

    I have been using Old Spice Champion (deodorant) now for a couple years, and like the fresh scent and nature of its residue. It never seems to compete with a frag I'm wearing and it's a neutral enough scent that I never get tired of.

    I think Platinum Egoiste deodorant would be a safe choice to go with that frag and will probably end up with that one.

    I only recently switched from spray to stick, and only antiperspirant type on hot days when I really want the blocking power. Too much work to remove, although I have found that rubbing alcohol on a cloth works pretty well. I'll even do that once a week or so even when using deodorant. Gives you a really confident strip down.

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    Default Re: Designer deodorant sticks

    Quote Originally Posted by ILikePeeps View Post
    What are some deodorants that you personally use that go well with (a) particular fragrance(s)?

    I'm interested in branching out and getting some designer deodorant sticks such as from Chanel.

    I'd like feedback on different options, .
    Remember that deodorant sticks don't stop you sweating, they just stop the breakdown of bacteria which is what makes one smelly after perspiration - so they're only good for some hours after perspiring.

    I always get a perfect match with antiperspirants - I apply any scent free antiperspirant (which stops sweating and bacterial decay) then spray EDT over it.

    Also, most of those sticks don't have much scent in them. There are some exceptions like the D&G Homme one which is at about half EDT strength.

    I have a big collection of designer sticks which I got from gift sets, where buying the gift set was cheaper than buying the scent by itself. I rarely use them.
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    Default Re: Designer deodorant sticks

    Commercial mass market deodorants do the trade best. I wouldn't buy a designer deodorant--it may smell nice but it'll be a poor performer. Arm & Hammer makes an excellent antiperspirant. For basic deodorant, I use a few. Old Spice makes some good ones that are quite cheap. Also Tom's of Maine has an excellent fragrance neutral deodorant.
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    Default Re: Designer deodorant sticks

    I'm getting an A*Men gift set which comes with the deodorant soon.

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    Default Re: Designer deodorant sticks

    I'm a big fan of deodorant sticks. Don't like antiperspirant, and I rarely use colognes. So I use the EDT reviews on this website to determine which deodorants I might like (if there is a deodorant equivalent).

    Generally I do a roll-on in the morning and then at lunch. Some deodorants work better than others. The ones without alcohol are usually the worst performing. Sprays probably work better, but every one I've tried is really cheap/chemical smelling.

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    Default Re: Designer deodorant sticks

    The "top name" ones are grossly overpriced for their "performance". If you have a ton of money just laying around with nothing to spend it on then go ahead get all the overpriced stuff you want but to be honest, the Old Spice ones, and most of the AXE or Adidas ones are quite good - good old Fiji for 4 bucks will serve you just as well as the 60 bucks plus Aventus stuff from Creed I would bet the 50+ bucks difference on that. Speed Stick Fresh scent for a buck will even work just fine. - But like I said IF using 60 dollar deodorant sticks makes you feel good and you've got the money - go for it
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    Default Re: Designer deodorant sticks

    I'm wearing Bleu de Chanel deodorant stick today and it smells really nice. It's so discreet that I believe I could wear it with any cologne, not just Bleu.
    Current faves: Aventus, Green Irish Tweed, MFK Masculin Pluriel, Dior Homme Eau, TDH Parfum

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    Default Re: Designer deodorant sticks

    Designer deodorant sticks as mentioned in this thread already are crap and grossly overpriced. The Tom Ford one's are like what, $45?

    If you're willing to spend a bit more than drugstore/supermarket prices for a deodorant stick that performs well, I suggest looking into organic ones that don't have all the messy chemicals but they can under perform towards the end of the day or if your pits really sink up.

    Also look into Anthony Logistics, Baxter of California, or Malin + Goetz. Deo sticks made by niche grooming brands tend to be way better.

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    Default Re: Designer deodorant sticks

    Yeah, just like some previous posters mention, designer frag deodorant sticks are good for short periods of time. I use them when I know I will do very little sweating and the event I'm using it for is rather short like evening parties that are scheduled to end by midnight. The ones I have are Corduroy, Good Life, 360 Red and Spark.
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    Default Re: Designer deodorant sticks

    I love the added smell from the deodorant sticks for the first two or three hours. In the case of D&G the One, I like the deodorant stick more than the juice. Same with Polo Red.

    The Platinum Egoiste deodorant is awesome-smelling, but I also have Bleu de Chanel, Allure Homme Sport, and Edition Blanche deodorant sticks, and they're much more subdued.

    When I joined Basenotes and started sampling, I switched to Mitchum unscented roll-on, which actually works great.

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    Default Re: Designer deodorant sticks

    Hi all - I've set up a (somewhat niche, admittedly) blog to review designer deodorants here - - so far I've reviewed Kouros, the deodorant stick of which I looooove. I had great fun writing it. Have a look and see what you think
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    Default Re: Designer deodorant sticks

    I love to use the same line for all components, e.g. both EDT and deodorant.
    So I'm using Dior Fahrenheit stick now. However, most of designer deodorants are not antiperspirant and will mask, not control the odour.
    My pattern is to apply Clinique unscented deo (the only antiperspirant I can use w/o allergy) at the morning and after it's dry-out apply Fahrenheit.
    I also renew Fahrenheit during the day. I use both stick and spray.
    I developed this pattern since very few designer deos are antiperspirant .So they mask, not control the odour.
    You should also consider the fact that designer deos are mostly outdated tech, they're not equipped with modern anti-spot components and will leave traces on your clothes.
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    Default Re: Designer deodorant sticks

    ManCave Inc. has a pretty awesome deodorant: .... Not to mention other great products.

    Check out their loyalty app, the ManCave Champions Club, too. Really easy to get discounts and earn free products. Also, if you use the code "ManCaveDirect" you get a signup bonus.

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    Default Re: Designer deodorant sticks

    I bought Kouros and Antaeus deodorant sticks on a whim a few weeks ago as they are two of my favourite colognes

    I must say they are both very nice

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