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    Default Samples/decants wanted: Roja Dove Vetiver-Onda-L'Antichambre-Black Tourmaline-Konig-Juniper Ridge

    Looking for samples or small decants of the following:

    • Dior: Vetiver
    • Goti Essenze: Smoke Essenze, Black Essenze, Earth Essenze
    • Guerlain: Djedi (yes, a major long shot . . . but why not ask?)
    • House of Matriach: Blackbird, Bohemain Black, The Maj . . . or try me on others.
    • L’Antichambre: La Raison Pure, Le Voyageur Indiscret
    • Phaedon: Black Vetiver
    • Phoenicia Perfumes: Real Oud, Oud Taiga, Far NWest
    • Profumum Roma: Patchouli, Victrix
    • Roja Dove: Vetiver Extrait

    In exchange, I can make a sample/decant of anything in my collection, value for value. My wardrobe here is not up to date, sorry.

    I do have some rare and hard to find incenses, vetivers, and patchoulis; if your taste is such that you have anything on my wanted list, then my rare incense/vetivers/patches may be of particular interest to you!

    Please also see my sale thread, as samples/decants of any of the above can of course offset the price of any item I am selling.
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