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    Default Pre-shave oils/lotions/creams, is there any point?

    Who uses a pre-shave routine before applying their main lather before shaving?

    I've never used one but might give a pre-shave lotion a try, just as I have a bit of money left after Christmas, and see if i really do get a more comfortable shave. Sometimes i get spots and breakouts but nothing too wild.

    Gonna give the Edwin Jagger pre-shave lotion a go i think, oils clog your razor up I've read so not using them!

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    Default Re: Pre-shave oils/lotions/creams, is there any point?

    I don't because it's generally humid in region of the country. Right by the coast.

    So hair isn't dry.

    But you could skip all these fancy things & just soak your face in a hot towel. That's hydrate & subsequently soften the hair.
    Regularly applying almond or apricot oil to your face for a few hours (better yet, overnight) helps a lot too.
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    Default Re: Pre-shave oils/lotions/creams, is there any point?

    I apply any available oil (coconut / gingely or sesame seed, johnsons baby oil) etc about an hr before shave; then about 5 mins before, I use a hot towel, as mentioned above by hedonist222 - gives me a very good shave. I have dry, semi-oily skin & this is the best result I get - any other store creams etc i tried have just been a waste of money.

    Hydration is the key & natural oils does it the best; followed by the hot towel for softening the hairs.

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    Default Re: Pre-shave oils/lotions/creams, is there any point?

    I used to many years ago, but as I've become older, I slowly ceased with the routine.

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    Default Re: Pre-shave oils/lotions/creams, is there any point?

    For a both sensitive and mixed skin like mine, it did help to use skin care products, especially after but also occasionally before my regular shave, as well at other times of the day (possibly no significant progress yet, but even if just subjectively, my skin feels slightly more even, moisturized and less dried out/strained even several hours after using these products).

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    Default Re: Pre-shave oils/lotions/creams, is there any point?

    The answer is yes and no.

    If you have a razor that doesn't work so well on you (e.g in my case my Gillette Super Adjustable) or is too aggressive, or if your soap or cream is poor, or the soap is hard to lather, or combinations of any of the previous leads to a nasty shave, then using tiny amounts of pre-shave oil (including plain old olive oil from the kitchen) as the first layer before the lather usually improves the shave greatly in terms of nicks and rash.

    So one can extrapolate and assume that there may indeed be someone with extremely touchy skin and a good razor who may benefit from using pre-shave oil all the time. I also suspect that as such, it may be very useful for beginner wet shavers who are having problems initially, though they may not need it later on.

    But, from my experiments, pre-shave oil actually lowers the performance of the really top notch slippery shaving creams. My best ones include Trumpers and Art of Shaving creams. When I use Art of Shaving PreShave oil with them, I get the same sort of shave as when I use that same oil with shaving creams I consider to be sub-average or duds.

    So for me, with my assorted razors that suit me well, and with creams and soaps that I consider good performers, I definitely don't use pre-shave oil - I think it a negative.

    But, if I want to use one of those ultra-aggressive razors I bought, or use up some of those dud creams and gels, then pre-shave oil I find most useful.
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    Default Re: Pre-shave oils/lotions/creams, is there any point?

    Hmm well i just got the pre-shave lotion earlier by Edwin Jagger, giving this is a go on my next shave, see if it reduces irritation or the 'burn' you get when applying post-shave stuff. I don't get it loads but its nice to have a smooth comfortable shave

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    Default Re: Pre-shave oils/lotions/creams, is there any point?

    Speaking as someone who uses an electric shaver, when I've got a 3+ day old beard I use Afta pre-shave. It helps soften up the hair and prep the skin. I really find it does make a difference. Otherwise... well, I usually dry shave with electric and it works fine for me (the buzz gives a massaging effect and the time involved is 50% shorter than blade shaving). I use lotions afterward to refresh my skin.
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