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Thread: Body fitness!

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    Default Body fitness!

    No doubt that body fitness has own importance in our life so we should be take care of the body fitness
    issues because actual body fitness has own importance for groom the personality.I am very careful about
    the body fitness so some tips here for keep good fitness of the body like,...
    Running and swimming
    Push ups and pull ups
    Morning walk
    Bench press
    Proper sleep
    Eat energetic foods
    Avoid the drugs.
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    Default Re: Body fitness!

    Some more tips:
    - Water is your best friend.
    - Try paleo

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    Default Re: Body fitness!

    A good sleep also.

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    Default Re: Body fitness!

    Put the bottle down!!

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    Road Bike

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    Default Re: Body fitness!

    Intervals, cross training and circuits.

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    Default Re: Body fitness!

    In addition to the above

    No supersize meal

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    Default Re: Body fitness!

    Curb your sweet tooth.

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    Eat smaller meals in shorter intervals.

    Exercise at least 4 times a week and be sure to do some resistance training to keep up bone density as one ages.

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    Default Re: Body fitness!


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    I like to lift the heavy weights and the run on the treadmill for the body fitness.

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    cucurucho diet
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    I could write a book on this, but as hednic pointed out, my struggle is curbing my sweet tooth lol.
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    Most important thing is finding a perspective that works for you. Whether it comes from a negative place or a positive place it must keep you going to reach your goal. This is why there are so many diff p90x, insanity etc... Every work out program CAN work. Its just a matter of you finding the will, and keeping a perspective that makes you continuously do it.

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    "Everybody wanna be a bodybuilder, but nobody wants to lift no heavy ass weight!!!"
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    The sweet tooth is a challenge to me too - sometimes i win it, some it wins me out. I discovered that i love to lift weights, so try to go to the gym from monday to friday. It helps me focus energies and be less stressed. I used to swim last year and i still need to go back swimming, which is another activity i love. I have a target,very challenging to my self, which is to achieve a 7 percent of body fat someday. And feeling healthy and eating well, of course.

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    mor so than any one thing is finding a set of things that works for you and you'll stick to. Cutting out all alcohol (if you drink a bit) is one way to drop empty calories. It doesn't work for me because I like wine and beer too much. So I minimize alcohol during the week (like none) and not overindulge when I do drink.

    The main things that add weight on me are wheat/potato carbs (in all forms) and heavy dairy. If I cut out both I get much leaner but I also get more tired. So I need some carbs (unrefined) in the morning and stick to protein and veg after noon.


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    Treadmill for cardio.
    Weights for muscle tone.
    Yoga for flexibility.
    Sound nutrition.
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    A basic Strength Training programme.

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    Default Body fitness!

    Quote Originally Posted by FISS80 View Post
    "Everybody wanna be a bodybuilder, but nobody wants to lift no heavy ass weight!!!"
    Big Ronnie, whilst the man at gym and in the stage might not be the perfect example of "body fitness"

    Personally I don't train for looks or health, I train to get better. In reality my training might be hurting body and mind but I can't do it any other way, so I hope that the mental benefits of doing stuff that I like offsets the possible damage inflicted by heavy training.

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    Just go to the gym and do 5x12 of 75-90% your max weight, don't take any supplements except for Amino Acids if that counts... It will act as both strength and cardio

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    ignoring that this thread was started by what may turn out to be two spammers...

    my conclusion about fitness is actually this, it's simply about motivation and drive. Repeat after me: "It's my fault". The first step is take responsibility for yourself. There are a million programs, diets, etc. They're all just plans, but it's rare that anyone ever actually follows them. Half of fitness starts in the kitchen. The other half, you can do a pretty solid workout in your own home with a yoga mat, a couple of dumbells, and some other stuff like a ball, chinup bar, etc. If you can't be bothered to go for a jog outside, or do some situps and pushups on your own, you've got nobody to blame but yourself.
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