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    Default Re: what is on your wish list?

    My favourite fragrance is Chanel Allure Homme so that's number one on the list for when I get a job. It's not only the first fragrance that I'm going to buy, it's the first thing that I'm going to buy save for the bus ticket to get to town once my first wages land in my bank account. I seriously love the stuff, when I first got my nose on a bottle of the aftershave version when I was about 12, I would literally sniff it for 10 minutes at a time while I was watching TV lol.

    Also, I need to have the very nice D and G The One in my collection, for the reason that it smells great and everyone I know loves it. Also, I need to have a bottle of Gucci Envy my collection or I will be left with an eternal sadness. I used to own a bottle when I was about 15 and absolutely loved it, people I knew loved it and the fragrance community loves it so why it had to be discontinued I don't know. I'll either save up enough to buy a bottle from a hopefully legitimate eBay seller or ill petition the Gucci's fragrance department to release the formula for it so in an ideal world a good independent perfumer could create something that smells very similar to it.

    Oh and there's about 220 niche fragrances that I want to sample and about 115 designers.
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    Default Re: what is on your wish list?

    Le Labo Vanille 44
    Montale Red Vetyver
    Montale Black Aoud
    Atelier Cologne Cedrat Enivrant
    Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine ... My gf just dropped my 200ml bottle while she using it. I miss it. I need a new bottle ASAP. Hope they didn't reformulate it =(
    Heeley Sel Marin

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    Default Re: what is on your wish list?

    Géranium Pour Monsieur for my summer go-to.
    “When you step back from stressing the parts,
    when the mind becomes still, the rose comes to you,
    unfolds in you in all her glory.
    The perfume invades you completely.
    The rose is you. You are one.”

    Jean Klein

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    Default Re: what is on your wish list?

    Creed 1879, Patou Pour Homme reissue...those are the main ones.

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    Default Re: what is on your wish list?

    Among others: several TF fragrances, lighter fragrances along the lines of Escale a Portofino by Dior and the Eau de Pamplemousse Rose, Mandarine Ambree variations by Hermes, also venturing a bit into the dark Gourmand territory along the lines of (possibly, but not limited to) Coco Noir.

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    Default Re: what is on your wish list?

    Waiting for the split to fill on TF Tobacco Oud, would also like to sample the new Masque Milano scents and Profumum Sorriso. Possibly a bottle of Cape Heartache.

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    Default Re: what is on your wish list?

    Also ocd here. My post-it note says -

    Annick Goutal Neroli - even though I may not be able to wear it
    Killian Back to Black, second bottle
    Eau de Cartier Zeste de Soleil
    Cartier Heure Brilliante
    Robert Piguet Oud
    Bulgari Black backup bottle
    Amouage Reflection Man backup bottle
    Tom Ford Oud Wood body lotion, backup tube because the bath n body products are always discontinued quickly
    Le Labo Rose 31 and Bergamote 22 body lotion, same rationale as above
    Guerlain Spiritueuse Double Vanille and Tonka Imperiale backup bottles, because of their cruel 75ml sizes

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    Default Re: what is on your wish list?

    Bruckner Aoud by M. Micallef if I am ever lucky enough to get my nose on. I am also looking for Andy Warhol by Bond No. 9 and last but certainly not least Pardon by Nassomatto.
    My current top ten:
    1. Spice and Wood
    2. Noir De Noir
    3. Musc Ravageur
    4. Bois D'Argent
    5. Aoud 1
    6. Aventus
    7. Ore
    8. Dior Homme Intense
    9. Tobacco Vanille
    10.Ambre 114

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