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    Default Best shoes for a casual date?

    I'm looking for shoes for casual dates (jeans, chinos, buttons ups, tees, etc). Anyone have anything that looks good, doesn't cost a fortune and gets compliments from the ladies?

    Links appreciated...
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    Default Re: Best shoes for a casual date?

    I don't know if they get compliments from the ladies, but for warm weather I like things like these Clarks

    Also, at Nordstrom rack I've often seen some nice Bruno Magli black, not too formal shoes on discount (which, for the brand, means $150). In general, if one is interested in a $100-150 price range, I think that Nordstrom rack often has nice stuff.


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    Default Re: Best shoes for a casual date?

    Kenneth Cole

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    Default Re: Best shoes for a casual date?

    Timberland makes a wide variety of casual styles at what I'd consider a reasonable price. Nordstrom has them and some are likely available at the Rack, as cacio suggested.
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    Default Re: Best shoes for a casual date?

    Suede wingtip works nicely.

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    Default Re: Best shoes for a casual date?

    The Bruno Magli that pop up from time to time at Nordstrom Rack at a discount that cacio mentioned above are indeed very nice - snazzy and at the same time casual.

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    Default Re: Best shoes for a casual date?

    Check out my nickname haha for a Casual look you can never ever go wrong with a classic pair of tennis shoes. The one I'd recommend the most would be a white pair of Adidas Superstar 2 with either black or navy blue stripes. They retail for around $70, but they'll last you over a year and are very comfortable for walking. They're more crease resistant than Nikes. I would also recommend a pair of Adidas Orion, or Gazelles with suede. (Adidas are difficlut to find discounted)

    For Nike I would recommend some classic Air Force 1's, also very very comfortable, they have a concealed air bubble in the midsole. Only con to AF1s is that they crease immediately but you should be able to find some for around $80, you can also look into getting some AirWalk 90's. They're meant for running but you can easily wear them with jeans and a plain T or button up; it's acceptable to wear them casually. (Nikes are difficult to find discounted)

    For Puma I would recommend some Roma's, they're usually $60+ but you can find them for $30 if you look online. For Reebok I would recommend some Club C's. You can usually find reeboks heavily discounted online for about $40. They aren't as stylish as the other ones so I placed them last in the sneaker category. As long as you don't get a color that clashes with your outfit. Trust me, you're GOLDEN.

    Now since everybody else recommended business shoes, so did I. I recommend these Stacy Adams. They have the crease line across the toe box and it has a genuine leather upper as well as a genuine leather outsole. These shoes are classy, The price on these stacy adams are about $38 with free shipping (heavily discounted) I listed the pictures of the other shoes in order. I think that if you click on the pictures they get bigger. Unless you want to go to night club or a fancy restaurant, I still say to go with a pair of classic sneakers.

    ADIDAS_SUPERSTAR_II_WHITE_BLACK_2.jpg G65634_01.jpg adidas-originals-gazelle-two-3.jpg66423-nike-airforce-mashead.jpgwhite-euro-champs-nike-air-max-90-1.jpg1976936-3-MULTIVIEW.jpg2024142-3-MULTIVIEW.jpg2583372-p-MULTIVIEW.jpg
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    Default Re: Best shoes for a casual date?

    Aldo tends to have great casual/dress type of shoes/boots. I would go with them, it usually ranges from 80 to 120.

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    Default Re: Best shoes for a casual date?

    Austen Heller, great shoes for around $200.

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    Default Re: Best shoes for a casual date?

    Do you know about Zappos? They're a great place to shop. You have a year to try your shoes before returning them.

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    Default Re: Best shoes for a casual date?

    Some casual boots (Clarks Wallabees or Clarks Desert Boots) or brown leather wingtips would look nice with anything that's not a t-shirt.

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    Default Re: Best shoes for a casual date?

    Me personally, seems like each time I go on a casual date "white sneakers" are a home run. White sneakers, nice denim jeans, button-up shirt (short sleeve or long sleeve), a ralph lauren casual jacket, clean finger nails, fresh breath, fresh shave, and 2-3sprays of cologne.

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    Default Re: Best shoes for a casual date?

    You can never go wrong with a nice pair of loafers or boat shoes. If you invest in a pair of Sperry, Cole Haan, Sebago or something along those lines, you will be set. They run about $90 or less if you can find them cheaper. Sounds expensive, but these shoes are ridiculously comfortable. You might think you are paying for the brand name but trust me, you are paying for absolute quality. These shoes are sturdy, comfortable and very fashionable. They can be worn with jeans and a T shirt, Khakis and a button up, chino shorts and a polo or any combination of those 3. You can't go wrong with a quality loafer or boat shoe.

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    Default Re: Best shoes for a casual date?

    I quite like classic Converse sneakers, and all of the ones in the picture that CASUAL posted, in particular the suede Adidas look great.

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    Default Re: Best shoes for a casual date?

    Something like Bass oxfords/bucs............

    Or Eastland..............
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    Default Re: Best shoes for a casual date?

    For a CASUAL date, I typically wear boat shoes, nice leather sperrys, and I have long Chino pants or a NICE pair of either khakis or jeans

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    Default Re: Best shoes for a casual date?

    What is a "date"? Is that like Comic-con?

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    Default Re: Best shoes for a casual date?

    Quote Originally Posted by moleo View Post
    what is a "date"? Is that like comic-con?

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    I don't know that I'd go with tennis shoes. You can get a nice pair of shoes for roughly the same amount that would function for work and play.

    Here - Sketchers, 50% off, free shipping from (I've purchased several pairs from them, very pleased).

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    Default Re: Best shoes for a casual date?

    chukkas, bucs, saddle, monks, split toe apron top mocs

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