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Thread: By Kilian Oud's

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    Holy thread revival batman!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emoe View Post
    Holy thread revival batman!!!

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    Thoughts on musk oud guys?

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    It's lovely. Sweet smelling and plush. Lovely rose and cardamom along with some booze. Longevity and projection are excellent on me.
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    musk oud, in the extra strength version just smells like oud to me. it's kind of linear, and maybe i just can't smell the musk he used. i have the same reaction with Roja Dove's Oud Musk: i can only smell the oud. Try Gold Oud or Incense Oud. out of his 8 ouds these were the best to me for a man.

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    i don't get rose from the Musk Oud, but it could just be blended with the musk, which, again, i can't smell...probably because I'm unable to pick up on those large chemicals.

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    Incense, Amber & Pure (which I've tested) are no skin scents. They really project!

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    Incense Oud on me is a gorgeous skin scent on me. Amber Oud was too synthetic and vanilla more than amber. Musk Oud is lovely. Pure Oud is nice - just not my taste.

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    There will be a new one in the series, Pearl Oud, however it will unfortunately be in the $500 range from what I've read.

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    Huge fan of Musk Oud, my SOTD. One of the few all-climate ouds out there... I get musk, oud, rose, and a hint of booze. Lasts all day, a huge complement getter, and works great anytime.

    I've also tried Amber Oud, which reminds me a lot of what vintage M7 would smell like in a classier, more polished form.

    I have samples of some of the others that are not Middle Eastern exclusives, but have not tried them.

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    Gold Oud is magnificent. More masculine than the original Rose Oud and much nicer and more expensive smelling. Of course, it is more expensive lol.

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    what are your thoughts on musk oud?

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