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  • Heeley Coccobello

    8 29.63%
  • Creed Virgin Island Water

    19 70.37%
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    Default Coccobello vs VIW

    I just got through a wearing of Heeley's Coccobello and I have to say I realy enjoy it. I also thought of it as being compared to Virgin Island Water. They have a similar kind of smooth coconut vibe going on. Which one do you guys like more?

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    Default Re: Coccobello vs VIW

    Tough for me to choose. I own and love both. If I were forced to pick, I'd choose VIW.

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    Default Re: Coccobello vs VIW

    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post
    Tough for me to choose. I own and love both. If I were forced to pick, I'd choose VIW.

    Then cast your vote.

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    Default Re: Coccobello vs VIW

    The Heeley is nice, but VIW is the king of the coconut IMO.

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    Default Re: Coccobello vs VIW

    I can confidently say VIW is the best tropical fragrance on the market imho. Its just so good...

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    Default Re: Coccobello vs VIW

    Voted for VIW as I own and really enjoy it. However, Coccobello is also a great fragrance and if I can stick to my no purchasing until July, I might just treat myself to a bottle for the summer.
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    Default Re: Coccobello vs VIW


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    Default Re: Coccobello vs VIW

    VIW by a mile!!!
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    Default Re: Coccobello vs VIW

    I haven't had a chance to sample Coccobello yet, but I am eager to try! There aren't any stores in Arizona that sell Heeleys, so I'd have to buy a sample or blind buy. I do already own VIW. How similar are the two?
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    Default Re: Coccobello vs VIW

    I have not tried the Heeley. I have a feeling a lot of people that voted have not either. I think that's the only problem with the polls that pit a well known genre fragrance versus a newer or lesser known one. The old fragrance always wins by a landslide. I am not defending the Heeley as VIW may very well blow it away - just my observation of the day.
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    Default Re: Coccobello vs VIW

    I love VIW and it is my go to frag when visiting the Caribbean. I haven't tried Coccobello yet.

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    Default Re: Coccobello vs VIW

    I really need to try the heeley. Sel Marin was my first niche purchase and so unique as a marine frag. Takes me back the the French Riviera

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    Default Re: Coccobello vs VIW

    I've sampled a few from Heeley and my first impressions left me underwelmed. I love VIW for summer.
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    Default Re: Coccobello vs VIW


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    Default Re: Coccobello vs VIW

    Virgin Island

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    Default Re: Coccobello vs VIW

    l own a bottle of VIW, & l'm sampling Coccobello today. IMO they are two very different fragrances. VIW is a juicy, sweet tropical cocktail, whereas Coccobello is much more woody, like the scent of the coconut shell rather than the flesh.

    l like Coccobello, but VIW puts a bigger smile on my face.
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