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    If I recall correctly, it was near this time (2006/7) when Ungaro III started being produced from Italy instead of France and that's, for me, when the whole reformulation issue took hold as the differences were quite noticeable.
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    This fragrance had the best plum accord period. Even better than amouage silver cologne.
    Is the juice worth the squeeze?

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    So the scannon version is good , the PG Beaute version is the one to avoid?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vinramani09 View Post
    So the scannon version is good , the PG Beaute version is the one to avoid?
    As far as I can tell, that is the best clue available. But I would wait for other EM owners to chime in first.
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    Right after posting yesterday I took out my Escada Magentism (Scannon) and for the heck of it did a side by side comparison with some others. Not even a full spray of Magnetism was applied. This morning I am still smelling it like it yesterday. Remarkable longevity. Even the drydown holds onto that distinct plummy effect....almost like a liquer in fact....never going all musk like so many other good fragances habitually do.

    I believe out of the 3 other versions of Magnetism tried before landing on this one, two were watered down. Maybe the P&G reform perhaps?. The other had the lot code embossed on the box cover and was the worst in the bunch. Probably coming from the Middle East judging by the general amount of arabic writing on the box.

    All things considered, the Scannon version might very well be the only pick of the bunch.
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    Thanks for the tips! I will find out on Monday.

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    I came across this thread by chance but I have a brand new never used bottle of this stuff that I got as a gift years back,this was way before got into collecting and had an appreciation for fragrance but I never cared for the smell that much but kept the bottle just for the hell of it. I know it's authentic juice it's the 50ml and it says made in France Scannon SA in white lettering on the box and there is a sticker on the bottom of the bottle with what I think is the batch number 0155EE. Can anyone tell me if this bottle is worth anything? Should I keep it or sell it? Any info would be much appreciated..

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    I went to that store they have 2 sealed bottles 100 ml and 50 ml.
    Both are Scannon, the 100 ml dates from 2010 ( 0195EE)
    The 50 ml dates from 2006 (60164CT).
    Thats what makes it odd because by 2010, Scannon was no longer producing Magnetism.

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    Bringing this thread back as I've just had a sniff of this fragrance.

    So unusual in essence as it smells exactly like the opening of Vanilla Coke, now available in fragrance form.

    I assume the heavy musks in the base cause the olfactory fatigue that makes the scent play hide and seek but am curious about its various formulations and licensees from those that have the scent and some experience.

    I've got a 2010 manufactured bottle by Scannon (0175EE) manufactured in France, came in a purple shiny box with no batch code stamped on it. Writing on the back is in French, English and a bit of Arabic.

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