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    Default Re: Vol de Nuit Current Formulation

    I am wearing VDN ​now and I just want to say, OMG! What a beauty! This is the parfum extrait from a couple of years ago. We've got major bergamot or galbanum or both up front and narcissus in the middle. Not sure what else but it just envelopes you in a heavy chypre/leather cloud- but there's an amber/oriental aspect, too. Well, I'm firmly in the fan club.

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    Default Re: Vol de Nuit Current Formulation

    I find a similarity to Weil de Weil, my sole VdN experience being a decant whose concentration I can't recall. WdW certainly has galbanum and jonquil, finishes with leather and civet, whereas I found VdN to soft-land right on the Guerlinade. Has anyone else sniffed both?
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