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    Default Cloudy Fragrance Decants?

    Has anyone ever decanted a fragrance and then after a while found it to be cloudy or the chemicals inside kind of separated? What causes this? Is the fragrance damaged? TIA

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    Default Re: Cloudy Fragrance Decants?

    Have you decanted them into plastic atomisers? Some say that plastic can cause fragrances to deteriorate in various ways. l'm not sure how long this would take, though.

    l've not seen fragrances separate, but l have known them to go off or evaporate when kept in plastic vials, so l would advise against storing them this way for long periods.
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    Default Re: Cloudy Fragrance Decants?

    Thanks for your reply. I use the small glass ones with the plastic sprayer top.

    More than one decant has done this but it did take over 6 months.

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    Default Re: Cloudy Fragrance Decants?

    I didn't know that this could happen. Thanks for the info.
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    Default Re: Cloudy Fragrance Decants?

    My gut feeling is moisture is getting into them. I use the same ones for my samples. If I would throw one that I had used into water, the water will be very cloudy, so I am thinking this is doing the same in reverse where moisture is getting in there.

    Since it is taking 6 months or so for this to happen, and living in South Florida where it is always humid, it would make sense that over time for moisture to affect them.

    Try keeping them in your fridge and see what happens.

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    Default Re: Cloudy Fragrance Decants?

    Makes sense. I thought the fragrance was possibly reacting with the washer.

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    Default Re: Cloudy Fragrance Decants?

    only from vials if I use my finger to dab on..
    sometimes it gets cloudy but not from decants

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    Default Re: Cloudy Fragrance Decants?

    how odd. unless you add water. this shouldnt happen

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