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    Default List of 100 Aromachemicals

    Before the Great Move, a lot of work had been put into producing a list of 100 useful Aromachemicals; for the DIY Forum. I can't find it now. Has it been lost, or just hiding?

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    Default Re: List of 100 Aromachemicals

    I saved some of it as a web archive, but after the move, it didn't link to much - I'll upload here what I have.
    It's not the final Sticky thread 'though.

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    Default Re: List of 100 Aromachemicals

    Edit - I appear to have saved all of gido's original thread as a document, but it appears that I only saved the new 'sticky' as a web archive & it didn't work.

    Edit - this is some of it, will start uploading the rest later, but it's in a different format & may take a while.
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    Default Re: List of 100 Aromachemicals

    It seems that both the links provided (and thanks to you both) show only work in progress. I thought that there was a definitive finished list. A lot of work was put into this, and many beginners found it very useful as a starting off point to begin using Aromachemicals.

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    Default Re: List of 100 Aromachemicals

    Sorry, David - I had a dying laptop & we also had a sporadic electricity supply in the days preceding the move, so not everything was saved as intended.

    The web archive that I have for the new 'sticky' thread only links to the Huddler archive that PalmBeach gave earlier for the old thread & I haven't been able to find the new one in the archive.

    There may be more threads than currently searchable?

    Maybe admin could advise please?
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