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    Default Line on forehead!


    My name is Sunny; I'm 36 and starting to get line on my forehead; what can I do to stop making me look older; I just bought Men Science

    I've been using it for 1 months so far no result; How do I take a pic to show you what I'm talking about ?

    Any help greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Line on forehead!

    Welcome, Sunny23!
    We all get lines - hopefully someone can give you some advice but attention to diet & lifestyle is always helpful, plus a decent skin care routine with moisturiser at the very least.

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    I think increasing your anti oxidant consumption will help, also i think sun exposure increases chance of wrinkles on the face, so sun tan lotion helps as well.

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    Personally I don't see what the issue is with a few lines here and there. You cannot stop time, period, and those that keep on trying to stop time often end up looking like freaks. So treat your skin well, absolutely, but don't mind wrinkles, lines etc. I read in the answers about avoiding sun, I can second that absolutely, people who sun a lot when they're young get a very wrinkly skin when older.

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    Just enjoy it dude, lot more are coming

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    I'd recommend a nightly exfoliant, retinol based. Along with an antioxidant serum from Skinceuticals (Phloretin CF). Their serums actually get Vit C and other antioxidants to absorb into the skin unlike 99% of the market (because of their acid pH).

    Try their Retinol 0.5 and Phloretin CF

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