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    Default First time here :) Question for you guys regarding Dior Hypnotic Poison reformulation

    DH got it for me as my christmas present (we normally only do one gift each) It is the only perfume I own or have ever wanted. I basically feel like it was created just for my nose But here is the problem, it must be the reformulated version, because the lasting power is just horrible. I tested out HP for a year (yes a YEAR) whenever I was in sephora or ulta because it is so unlike me to want a fragrance. I knew it was true love. But I've used my Christmas bottle probably 10 times and I am so disappointed! It just disappears on skin or clothes. So here are my questions:
    1) is there any way to distinguish between the reformulated version and the old one by box or bottle? (Pre-2011 I beleive?)
    2) if so, and I can track down an old bottle at one of the 2 nearby sephoras (he bought it at sephora) do you think they would exchange without recipt? Hubby didn't save it unfortunately... If he did I probably would just return.
    3) if the answer is no to the they two questions, I suppose I will just have to layer it over an unsented body lotion and hope for the best?
    Thanks in advance! I appreciate any help you guys can give
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    Default Re: First time here :) Question for you guys regarding Dior Hypnotic Poison reformulation


    Another reformulated Dior, then. Dior is (in)famous for reformulating and watering down. I am no expert on this, but perhaps somebody here can read Dior batch codes (you can do a search for "batch codes" perhaps)-I doubt the bottle or packaging have changed in these couple of years.

    Also, did you ask anybody about the perfume, or is it just your nose? As you know, nose fatigue can set in, so the wearer doesn't smell it, but other people do. The clothes part is quite strange, typically a perfume should stay a very long time on clothes, even if it's not a big one. Have you tried the cleavage trick? (spray on a cottonball then place in cleavage)


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    Default Re: First time here :) Question for you guys regarding Dior Hypnotic Poison reformulation

    You can check the batch code at Cosmeticcheck I believe that is the name of the site..
    The batch code is a series of numbers and letters that represents the month and year the fragrance was made..

    I doubt if Sephora will have any old bottles of Dior since it is such a popular fragrance..

    Unscented lotion or as Cacio stated cottonball or tissue should improve sillage..

    Lastly if it does not then get an atomizer and spray as much as desired throughout the day..

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    Default Re: First time here :) Question for you guys regarding Dior Hypnotic Poison reformulation

    Yoohoo Laitoste Welcome to BN!

    Another thing to think about is whether the one that you tested and the one that you got as a gift are different strengths, which would also affect the longevity and sillage.

    Do you know whether the one that you tested was the EdP or EdT? How about the one you got as a gift? If you tested the EdP but now have the EdT then not only could that hugely affect the longevity and sillage, but it may also smell quite fundamentally different or start off the same but develop differently.

    Not to say that Dior HAVEN'T reformulated or watered the perfume down of course, just before you get bogged down in batch numbers that is something to look at.

    I hope you find a way of making this current bottle work better for you and then find one that matches your imagination of how it should be
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