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    Default Rare, Discontinued, Vintage, Niche, Men & Women Worldwide Shipping

    All prices are in USD and include shipping worldwide with tracking. I don't have many transactions on Basenotes, but I have literally conducted hundreds of positive transactions on other platforms like facebook, youtube and Fragrantica. Feel free to ask for references, more photos or any other info.

    Thanks for looking

    -Histoires de Parfums Petroleum 60ml 98% full no box $125

    -Byredo Accord Oud 100ml 80-85% full w/box $155

    -The Different Company Jasmin de Nuit (old packaging) 90ml 85ml left w/box $155

    -Heeley Iris de Nuit 100ml 98% full w/box $125

    -Carthusia Aria di Capri 100ml w/box+booklet 90ml+/- full $80

    -Etat Libre d'Orange Vraie Blonde 50ml w/box+booklet 99% full $55

    -Dior Higher Black 2002 Limited Edition 75ml, 70ml left no box $60 (exactly the same as the 2001 release, but in different packaging)

    -L'Occitane Voyage en Mediterranee Labdanum de Seville 75ml w/box 90%+ full - $65

    -L'Occitane Voyage en Mediterranee Myrte de Corse 75ml w/box 90%+ full - $65

    -Lacoste Land 50ml splash w/box 99% full - $40

    -Jean Patou eau de Joy vintage edp refillable edition 60ml 90-95% full no box, bottom of case is missing - $55

    -Boucheron Jaipur Saphir edt 100ml no box 90% full - $65

    -Caron Nocturnes de Caron vintage edt 100ml no box, no cap 75% - $40
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    Default Re: Rare, Discontinued, Vintage, Niche, Men & Women Worldwide Shipping

    Updated, some prices lowered

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