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    Default Fragrance matching with leather


    I was wondering if someone here felt the temptation to perfume some leather stuff, like gloves..
    I made some experiments, for my nose smells last much later and seems to evolve in a different way in it.. !
    Did someone look for the best way to link leather and fragrance ? Also I'm running after some new fragrances which are meeting greatly with it and filthy cold tabacco.. For now I am on La fille de Berlin de Serge Lutens and Égoïste by Chanel

    Thanks.. !

    Patrick, French student dying every day on chemistry
    aspiring perfume-maker, perhaps for toilet rim block
    Or, raw materials prospector in the jungle.

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    Default Re: Fragrance matching with leather

    I have never personally done it but I have some female friends who have done it and say they like the effect it gives.

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    Default Re: Fragrance matching with leather


    As you probably know, gloves and perfume have a long tradition, and french perfumery originally developed exactly to perfume gloves (since at the time tanned leather was quite smelly). And as you point out leather keeps perfumes really well and for a long time. Pretty much everything seems to fit leather well. Except supersynth modern stuff, that is.

    As for what goes well with tobacco, I'd say masculine powerhouses of the 70s-80s were designed with smoking people in mind, so they should do. Things like /Caron Yatagan, Caron Troisieme homme, Aramis, Dior Jules, Azzaro pour homme, Paco Rabanne pour homme, Guerlain Derby, etc.
    And in modern niche there's the delicious Etat libre d'orange Jasmin et cigarette.


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