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    Default Good quality scented body/face care lines?

    Hey guys!
    I'm on a hunt for my brother - he says he can't find a single line of men's products (he's looking for a lotion, shower gel, deodorant and shaving cream/gel specifically) that all smell the same (and all smell good, obviously).

    I've suggested he just use the unscented stuff, but he doesn't want that.

    The Jack Black line of products for example - do all their stuff smell the same or do they have different scents? That's about the only men's skincare line I know of.

    If you have any tips, let me know, and I'll pass them along!
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    Default Re: Good quality scented body/face care lines?

    Lush Dirty smells deliciously fresh and minty. Theoretically, the line is constructed so that each element (soap, showergel, etc.) smells a bit different and the sum smells like the cologne. Not sure it's exactly true, to me they all smell fresh and minty. But they smell wonderful, and are not excessively expensive. Worth checking if you have a Lush store nearby. Unfortunately, the edt is now sold only online. But they do sell a body spray in store, which, funnily, was originally marketed as "Italian shower" (meaning that Italians sprayed this instead of showering). Some of may paisa' must have complained (why would they?), because it's not marketed that way anymore.

    In the classics, there's Caron pour un homme, lavender vanilla in perfect harmony. They do have showergel and soap, but I'm not sure they also have a body lotion, though.


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    Default Re: Good quality scented body/face care lines?

    Check out layrite bay rum aftershave and hair products.

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    Default Re: Good quality scented body/face care lines?

    I can I honestly say I don't care for much of the scented boodywash/grooming line but I did like the fragrance and quality of a brand called Task Essential..I had a bodywash at 1 time and got a sample of the aftershave and did like it
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    Default Re: Good quality scented body/face care lines?

    A puzzling request. If the shaving cream/gel weren't in the equation - he'd have hundreds to choose from as all designers put out shower gel, deodorant and aftershave splash/balm for their scents. The matching scented shave creams/gels/foams barely last scent wise, and are swamped by the aftershave balm/splash anyway.

    Anyhow, Nivea for Men puts out stuff that meets all the criteria, though the scent is okay, but not spectacular..
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    Default Re: Good quality scented body/face care lines?

    Seconding especially Nivea for Men. Another reasonably priced, barely/discreetly scented and organic/fair trade ingredients-based male grooming line is Alverde Men.
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    Default Re: Good quality scented body/face care lines?

    l'occitane and malin+goetz have excellent scented lines

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    Default Re: Good quality scented body/face care lines?

    I have tried quite a lot of grooming brands, the best ones to me are:

    Men-U (my favourite - unbeatable price/quality ratio)
    Kyoku (best scents I've ever smelled, and also good quality)
    Biotherm Homme

    Anthony Logistics also sells a really good clay mask, but that is the only product I have ever used from this brand (really happy with it though).

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